Monday, July 05, 2010

Bart's Story

Month's ago I wrote about my BFF's part time dog. My bestie's name is Barb and she and her hubby run a golf business. She's lucky enough to work from home. Thus we thought that's why Bart hung out at her house so much... he needed company. It turns out, he just needed her.

Several weeks ago on a Friday afternoon, Bart's owner came over with a leash and told Barb to say her goodbyes. Bart was going to live on a "farm" in San Luis Obisbo - about a 3 1/2 hour drive from here. He told her that Bart was aggressive toward other dogs - which we had heard before - and since he wouldn't stay home, he had to go.

Barb was tearful and upset. She talked it over with her husband and they both regretted not being given the opportunity to make Bart theirs. I, her eternally pessimistic best friend, told her to check the pound. "That's what they tell children. I KNOW he lied to you! They put owner surrender dogs down awfully fast. Check the websites everyday!"

I made a quick check on Saturday, got distracted and never checked in again. On Monday, Barbie was still missing her boy. I had cooked a lot that day and she came over for an early supper. Talk turned to Bart. I could have kicked myself for not checking the websites again. She said it was OK...she had checked every day.
Bart on the sofa.

"But it's Monday. They are closed on Monday and they catch up on paperwork  that day."

We ran to my computer and lickety split, there he WAS!!! IN JAIL!!!! And the pound was closed!!! Barb got up early Tuesday, stopped at the pet store for a leash and was there when they opened. She gave them his "number" from the website and told them she was there to adopt him.

They asked her, "Do you want to meet him first?" She laughed and told them the story.

Then they asked her if she wanted to change his name. LOL! "Uh - no. Bart's his name."

When he saw her, he dashed into her arms. He was so happy. He jumped right into her car... he loved to run errands with her when he stayed at her house.

She put up a makeshift fence to keep him in the yard and told his former owner, a welder, he had to build her a gate. And he agreed. They have gone to visit his former owner and when Barb gets ready to leave, so does Bart. He is all hers now!

Every morning, bright and early, they join Mabel and I for a hike. Would you care to guess the number of times Bart has gotten "aggressive" with other dogs on the trails??? ZERO! He's a sweetheart!

It turns out his "aggression" was lack of exercise. Barb also takes him for a run in the evenings and a quick walk before bedtime.

I took Mabel there for a visit and in typical Mabel fashion, she found his bowl and started eating his food! I was in the guest house talking to my godson when I heard her chewing! I went racing around to their kitchen to find Bart generously offering Mabel the food. He was not threatened by her eating his food at all!

Bart is learning to come but does not seem "treat trainable." Still, he does something that amazes us every day. Today, the dogs took off on a ground squirrel hunt. Barbie and I sat down on two boulders midstream and waited. Mabel returned and rolled around in the water. We called to Bart and waited. We called again. Nothing. We got up to go and realized, he was quietly waiting right behind us!
Mabel and Bart, Big Tujunga River on the 4th of July.

The saddest part was, while waiting to pick him up at the pound, Barb learned that owner surrender dogs can be put down here in Los Angeles within THREE HOURS. We feel so lucky that someone at the pound decided to list him on that website. I love having another dog in our extended pack and my bestie is so happy to give her boy a full time forever home!


Velvet Sacks said...

Awww, this made me cry, happy tears and sad ones, too. Happy for Bart and Barb, sad for the others who don't have a chance.

the booker man said...

oh, miss creekhiker, i am just so way happy that bart got a second chance!! he has a grrreat home with your bestest friend now, and ya'll can go on hikes and have tons of funsies every day for the next 50 gazillion years! YAY! :)))
the booker man

Becky said...

Beautiful story. It made my eyes well up. What a lucky puppy!

Gnomebody said...

Thanks for sharing Bart's story! I know he is very loved by Barb and her family.
We ourselves have a new furiend that we were warned about as being overly aggressive. After researching the breed and spending time with her, she's not overly aggressive - she's just being her DNA!

Much love to Miss Mabel, Bart and their Mommas,

Riley & Auggie
BooDee BooDah Tribe

rottrover said...

We can't wait to meet you in person, Mr. Bart! We'll have to get up early one day :)
Gizmo, the other Bart and Miss Ruby

Angus said...

3 hours ! So glad this story ended with such a happy, happy ending.