Friday, July 16, 2010

All About the People

Oskar is asking all the dogs to write about their people this weekend. Click on Oskar's logo to participate or read more about doggie bloggers.  So here's our "tail" straight from the dog's paws:

This blog is officially my mom's ... but clearly, I am the star.

My mom hates having her picture taken. She literally hides from the camera but this is her Facebook profile picture:

This is one of her favorite photos of the two of us:
O.K. so she likes being all mysterious but those two pictures should tell you a lot. She laughs a lot...usually at me or herself and ... she loves ME!

I don't know a lot about my mom before I came along but I do know that she came from far away from here. She used to put me in a box and take me's probably called Lucyana or something like that but I call it Granny's and Bailey's. My Granny and my cousin Bailey live just 10 houses apart. There's good eatin' at Granny's and I run off all the extra calories chasing Bailey. I don't get to go there with mom any more because the airlines charge too much money for that box. Mom wishes they would just let us sit together. But it's O.K. because I hated that stupid box and my Granny comes here every so often to cook for me.

My mom is home every day working on her computer, torching her glass beads or we go to the shop where she makes her rubber stamps. Mom also teaches classes at the local colleges - mostly on cookie decorating or beading. I can't go with her there but I supervise all the packing and unpacking that she has to do for that.

Mom says she used to have to leave home every day for work. She's done that a few times since I came here and I hated it. Mostly we are together all the time but she tells me that when she had my older sis, Maggie May, she was gone a lot and it would make her cry and she prayed and prayed to be a "work at home dog mommy." The last year of Maggie's life, Mom got her wish. But, now, she tells me she doesn't have enough work and that she needs to go back to working away from home. I know she worries a lot so I try to get her out to the creek as much as I can. That makes both of us really happy.

A few years after I got here, Mom had to have surgery on her feet and she was in a wheelchair for a long time. She gained some weight and that's why she's so funny about having her picture taken. But she told me I could put up this video of us that my auntie took on New Year's Day.

My mom was trying to help my auntie shoot a photo of Twinkie crossing a log in the stream. Only, we had a flood and there were no logs. Finally we found a small tree and every time Mom went to place it across the stream, I would steal it. I made my mom laugh soooo hard! We never did get to take a picture of Twinkie because I kept stealing that tree!

My mom says she loves to see me smile and that's why she takes me out to the creek every day. She is always making treats for me and she takes me out for cream when she meets friends at Starbucks or Coffee Bean. And she buys me an ice cream when it's hot. And she always cuddles with me on the sofa and sleeps with me.

I had a lot of other homes in my first four months. People would take me home and take me back to jail the very next day. I was sad. Then my Mom came and got me and I think I hit the doggie jackpot.

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the booker man said...

miss mabel lou,
um, yeah, i totally think you hit the mama jackpot!! your mama sounds like a super kind and caring lady for sures. my mama says she would love to see some of her cake/cookie designs! oh, and she is squealin' like a piggie lookin' at your mama's stamps and stuff! :)
the booker man

rottrover said...

Dear Miss Mabel Lou,
I agree with Booker Man's momma. You AND your mom both hit the jackpot! Keep taking her to the creek :)
Bart, Giz & Rooby

rottrover said...

BTW Love the picture of your shadow kissing your mom!

Dory and the Mama said...

Oh have a very cool Mama!! Thanks for sharing her with us!!

Smileys & Snuggles!
Dory, Jacob and Bilbo

Nubbin' Tails said...

Our mom and dad both get to work at home all the time and it's it just the bestest!? Your mom looks super fun. We'd like that creek thing a lot if it didn't involve water!


Mr Nubbin'

Oskar said...

Great story Mabel Lou! I'm very glad you don't have to be in doggie jail anymore and that you found your forever home!

Thanks so much for playing along with my game, I really enjoyed getting to know more about you!

K9friend said...

Sounds like you and your mama are the perfect fit! It's wonderful to see how happy you make each other!


Duly Inspired said...

This is so sweet!


MAXMOM said...

Hey there Mabel Lou (and Mom:))
I've not visited your blog yet, so it's been really nice to read about you all.
Your mom sounds like a fun person! I love that video of you at the stream. You live in a wonderful environment it seems!
Thank you for sharing your lives with us.... sorry too about the dead birds in your pool.

Sending lotsaluv

Mango said...

Hey! I watched that movie. Your mom sure can make curious sounds.