Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Ya'll Stay Cool Now!

Mabel Lou here. I keep hearing on the t.v. that it is REALLY hot. I'm not sure where they are talking about because summer seems to have forgotten us here in Cali! It was a chilly 56 when we woke up this morning. We even turned on our electric blanket last night!

Mom says not to worry that summer will find us soon enough. In the meantime, I hope all my friends who have that ridiculous heat are finding a way to stay cool. This is my favorite way to cool off:


rottrover said...

OMD!! Look at all that water!
Woof, woof and woof!!!

Life With 5 Dogs said...

Hello we are new followers to your blog! We are really trying to beat the heat here in NH, it has been crazy hot, the dogs are starting to go alittle crazy with all the heat. Check us out if you get a chance at

the booker man said...

hihi miss mabel lou!
ooo, that water looks so cool 'n refreshing like! it was 100 degrees at my house today, and it's gonna be even hotter tomorrow. egads! i need to get mama and daddy to take me and asa to the river for some swimmies!!
the booker man

Words Between the Spaces said...

Thanks for thinking of us, Mabel Lou. Talk about Dog Days of Summer! It's sweltering here in the nation's capital! But we have fond memories of all the snow over the winter.

K9friend said...

Nothing to freshen up a pup faster than the old swimmin' hole!


Anonymous said...

lucky dog, having a place to swim! I wish we could send you some of our hot weather, Spot's had enough of it!