Tuesday, June 29, 2010

She's Getting Older

She's getting older, this pup o' mine. And the signs break my heart. She's grayer under her chin. She hesitates and groans getting into the jeep. The other day, tired of waiting for her to jump down, I placed one arm under Mabel's butt and the other around her chest and lifted all 95 lbs of her to the ground as she groused her shock and disbelief.

She rarely wants to play, even with canine friends. The other day, a rabbit raced across the trail right in front of her. Instead of the expected chase, she turned and looked up at me as if to make sure I didn't realize she failed to race after it.

She has trouble getting in bed. It's no longer enough for her to go into my tiny bathroom for a three-point turn and a two step hop onto the bed. No, she prefers starting in the hallway.

Yesterday, I needed a nap and by some miracle, I made it into bed first (the better to stake my territory!). She came round the far side, sniffing to make sure of where I was; where all my limbs were. And then she disappeared. I thought she had gone into the hall for that longer running start. I raised my head...but no, she wasn't coming.

I leaned over to see if she had decided to nap on the floor... no, she wasn't there either.  And then she came bounding in the room and leaped onto the bed. Turns out, she needed an even longer running start and had gone down the hall.

Oh dear!

And so, I may be running out of funds faster than I care to admit but, I'm shopping for steps and ramps. Anything for my girl...


Velvet Sacks said...

This makes me so sad. I'm going through some of the same things with Butch and Kadi both, and it breaks my heart to see them getting old and decrepit. I do suspect, though, that when they talk to each other, they express the same concerns about me.

vonna said...

Thinking about you all the time! Vonna

Anonymous said...

Spot won't use the steps I got for him-not the troublesome carpeted steps, but the new two-step one I got for him as a Xmas present. My mistake was immediately putting his leash on and trying to drag him up the steps to my bed. I've tried everything but he just won't use them.

I've been thinking about a ramp for the back steps, but I don't want to spend $$$ on a ramp that he'll refuse to use, so I'm putting it off till it absolutely has to be done. I'd rather build my own ramp, that will cover the entire width of the steps, so he can't try to get around the ramp. We'll see. I'm eager to see how Mabel does with a ramp. Get one that's adjustable so you can use it for the car as well. (that's another thing I'll have to deal with.)

JanelDudleyBeads said...

Holly I'm sorry that Mabel's age is catching up with her, I hope you girls are having days full of wonders, fun and lots of love! Please give her a big hug from Dan and I! Love you ladies!

rottrover said...

I'm telling you, K-9 Liquid Health. We swear by it!!
-B and G

K9friend said...

It seems we barely have much relief from frantic puppy energy when we notice the signs of our aging four-legger. Indy is now 10. He's still pretty spry, but his eyes are cloudy and his hearing greatly impaired. : (


the booker man said...

miss creekhiker,
i wish us doggies could live with our hoomans forevarrrs. i know miss mabel is thankful to have a super nice and loving mama like you to care for her even if she is getting old.
the booker man