Thursday, July 22, 2010


This is a charity that every beadmaker I know is involved with!  It's a wonderful charity that allows a child with a serious illness to tell their story with beads. Beads of Courage has applied for a $25,000  grant from Pepsi. Pepsi is giving away over a million every month and allowing the public to decide who gets the money!

Since voting began on the 1st, we've been steadily moving up. But only the top 10 charities in the $25K category can win. And now, we've not only stalled, we've moved back a step! So...I'm imploring ALL my friends to PLEASE VOTE! If you are on Facebook, you don't even have to give them your email.

And did I mention??? You can VOTE ONCE A DAY????  For you pet lovers, there's some amazing pet charities in the running for funds. I myself am a sucker for vets (veterans) and pets!  But please vote for Beads of Courage! Watch the movie... it will make you cry!

And... for those of you voting this weekend, I'm having a give away on my bead blog. If you vote, please note the rank number in the comments of the bead blog and I will enter you in my give away!

Da fine print: Neither Pepsi Co nor Beads of Courage endorses or supports this even in any way shape or form. This is my way of getting help for a fantastic cause!


the booker man said...

i voted! i voted! mama said we will make sure to go by and keep voting, too. it's a way neato program for those kiddies for sures!!
the booker man

K9friend said...

I will send a vote!


3 doxies said...

Tnkk you soo vvery much fur your crossed paws fur MY GIRL. It was purty hard fur me to chase da squirrels yesterday too...hehehehe!
Sooooo anyways, dis bead thingy is an awesome idea so I's gonna go vote now.