Wednesday, January 30, 2008

More Flood Videos

I thought I would upload some more videos of the creek after our last week of storms. For comparison sake, check out this post.

The first was shot January 24th after the first big night of rain.

This next one was taken about 24 hours after the dam released the water mentioned in this post.

In all the videos I feature two rocks. The one in the foreground is my favorite meditation rock. It has a nice roomy seat where I can dangle my feet over the stream (when she's calm). That seat is nearly under water in the first and the water is washing over her in the second.

The other rock is a huge boulder dead center stream, normally sticking up about four feet. It's taking quite a beating here.

The second video was shot a little further up the hill. It was quite unnerving to see my calm, peaceful friend so fired up and boiling. And, as always, Mabel was pushing my "mommy buttons," getting too close to the water!

And finally, one for the locals. This is the stream where Oro Vista dog legs just south of Riverwood. I've never seen two wide streams here...


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Anonymous said...

Makes you wonder where all this water was last summer when it was so dry!