Saturday, February 02, 2008

Life: Expensive; The Alternative:??

My best friend B is damn hard to get out of the house. She doesn't like going anywhere because it costs money.

Well, this week, I've apparently set about proving that one can stay home and spend a fortune!

On Tuesday, my vacuum started smoking. I've hated this thing (a Bissell) since I bought it. Recently, at the mall, I saw a man leaving Sears with my exact vacuum in hand. I started squealing at this total stranger, "Take it back! Take it BACK! You'll hate it! Take it BACK."

Still, I didn't exactly want the thing to die. And living with a dog makes owning a vacuum an absolute necessity. On Wednesday, I went to Costco and got a new one.

Cost of new Vacuum: $279; Cost of living without one: Too furry to contemplate.

On Thursday, while doing taxes on my laptop, I realized I needed to mention something about my business site to my Yahoo group. To refresh my memory, I went online (something I rarely do on the work computer). I was shocked and appalled at the color of some of the images on my website. Then I went to my bead site... More shock. I realized that colors that look so rich and wonderful on my big computer monitor, look washed out on other computers. After verifying with a few friends, I realized my monitor was on it's last legs. And since my business depends on my being able to put images up online... the writing was on the screen. I shopped online and found the best deal for pick up at my local Sam's Club.

New Monitor:
300.13; Life with the old Monitor: Imminent poverty.

By Friday, I realized rain was coming in and I still had not dealt with my leaking car. I took it up to my regular mechanic since I could not remember who installed the new windshield 2 summers ago. Shortly after I had walked home ( Another story; see below), my mechanic called with the bad news.

It seems that the reason I got such a good deal before was the guy installed a windshield too small for my car! No wonder it was leaking. And this is dangerous. They had another jeep like mine that had been leaking and the water was frying the fuse box to the tune of a thousand bucks.

Cost of new windshield:
$237. Price of not dealing with it: A very damp ride.

Since I knew I may not get the car back in time for a trek to the creek, I took Mabel Lou and walked her home. My mechanic is up the street and around the corner. But right behind his place is a short road that leads to a park and the highest mountain road in Sunland. It's a gorgeous walk home. One good block from home, I ran into an older gentleman I've known since I first moved in. He's the type of guy that loves to tinker and I've called on him a few times to help me move a piece of equipment or to help out with a household crisis.

We were chatting with his grandson when I felt a tug at the leash. I turned to Mabel and grabbed harder and as soon as I read her body language: CAT!!! As I pulled, she took off and suddenly the sidewalk leapt up to my face! I landed solidly on my right boob with my knees, elbows and heels of my palms taking some of the force as well. I rolled on the ground, crying as my friend came out of his yard to help.

When I finally got to Mabel... a few houses away, I was a mad hornet! I scooped up my 90 lb. dog by the scruff of her neck like she was a 3 lb. pup! I held her there in the air, whimpering, and just stared at her. Coming back to my senses, I gave her a good shake and eased her down ( I have no idea where that strength came from!) and limped home.

I was so sore but it's the boob that concerns me. This is the second time I've fallen and landed on a boob! Here's the tale of the first. That injury caused me to get mammarygrams every three months for three years! So I'm now dreading the next one ($50) and the call to come back for a sonogram ($150) and then all the follow-ups ($550). Not to mention, I just got an adjustment from the world's best chiropractor and will surely need another within the week($60 a pop). It should've held for a few months... but not now. And I'm going to need a massage to get the kinks out of my muscles ($85).

Cost of walking the dog:
$895; Cost of living alone: Insanity.

And if that wasn't a bad enough week, yes there's more. My godson got phone jacked! Some kid asked him to use his cell, claimed his ride was late, then claimed there was no answer. He just yelled at my boy, "You just got jacked, dude." My godson gave chase and told the guy to keep the phone but to please give him his SIM card. The guy decked my boy. My extended family had to spend the afternoon running around getting new phones, canceling the old one, etc.

Cost of new phone gear: $59; Real cost of the phone jacking: Loss of innocence and wonder at the world.

Some weeks are just harder and more expensive than others. But that's life. Guess it beats the alternative - most days.


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Anonymous said...

oh, Lord. what a bad week. I'm glad you weren't hurt worse-you could have hit your head! That's one of the drawbacks of having a large or even a powerful dog. I'm no match for Spot-he literally drags me along. My next dog is going to be more controllable. ;-)

I'm not familiar with cell phones, so why did everyone have to run around getting new ones? something to do with the thief having all the phone numbers?

CreekHiker / HollysFolly said...

Oh Janet, let me tell you, I'm hurt bad enough! You know, you can control Spot easier on leash by placing his choke chain higher on his neck. But my problem was, I wasn't paying attention to her!

You don't want them to run up charges on your phone. Many times the jacker turns around and sells it to someone who wants to call a foreign country. They can rack up major charges in under an hour. While they were at the cell phone co., it made sense to get a new one.

Anonymous said...

I still don't understand that. If it wasn't your phone that was stolen, why worry?

I'm glad you weren't hurt worse!

Let me tell you, nothing fazes Spot or keeps him from his "mission". When he was young, I tried a prong collar but gave it up because I was afraid it'd puncture his neck and trachea, he just did NOT get the message. I'm always worrying I'll fall while walking him, and I don't walk him when it's slippery out-I'm no dummy.

Annie said...

Wow, you're wiser and poorer this week and you've made me realize how placid my week has been, even with a houseful of guests. It was one thing after another for you - isn't it supposed to stop at 3?

CreekHiker / HollysFolly said...

Janet, I'm NOT worried about the phone. That can be easily replaced. I'm worried about my boy. I worry what the world does to someone who finds out so young just what a violent place this is. I worry that the boy who stole the phone is in a gang and may retaliate if we press charges. I've loved this child since before he was born. When he is hurt, I hurt. It's that simple.

Annie, One would hope it would stop at three! I'm just feeling so beat up in so many ways. I've slept most of the day away!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I understand.

Are you feeling better? do you have a big bruise? Maybe we should chip in and get you a Kevlar vest to wear when you walk Miss Mabel!

CreekHiker / HollysFolly said...

Janet, I'm still hurting. My neck is really out of whack and I have a knot in my boob. I need a kevlar body suit!

Linda@VS said...

Oh, wow, what a week! I'm SO sorry you were hurt and can see so easily how that could happen with such a large dog. I can barely handle Butch or Kadi on a leash and don't take them for walks longer than the end of the driveway because of it. Thank goodness they have a big back yard.

As for all the other stuff that happened to you, I have a theory: There's a certain amount of random bad stuff in store for each of us. It's hell when a lot of it bunches up together, but the upside of that is often an extra-long period of relative calm. (That isn't a scientific theory, of course, but it's my wish for you.)

Take good care of yourself.

Becky said...

Holly! Never a dull moment with you girl!