Sunday, January 20, 2008

Sleeping Single in a Queen-Sized Bed

I should call it Wide Awake in a Queen-Size Bed. My girl is at a sleep over. And I'm so stressed and wired, I'm practically chewing a hole in my tongue!

This past week, I realized that there were four business trips I "needed" to take this year. The first, I've already managed to wriggle out of is a trip to the Tucson Bead Show. I had hoped to go there and size up whether or not it would be worth my while to sell beads / jewelry there.

But thinking about leaving made me realize my last trip to Baton Rouge without Mabel was a disaster. She barked all night for several nights in a row, keeping the neighbors up. When her drop-in sitters decided to lock her in at night, she peed on the carpets twice. I need another solution.

Years ago, my best friend's step daughter who was trustworthy and dying for some time away from home, would come over and sleep with Mabel. That was the best. Mabel loved it and so did the girl. The girl moved away four years ago and Mabel has traveled with me since. But that just won't work on a business trip.

So I talked to the teenaged girl that now works for me. She said she would be fine sleeping over if she could bring her little sister. I was hesitant... her sister is tiny. Mabel is not.

Today, while balancing a big bead in the flame, the girl's mother called. Her daughter would not want to sleep at my house (NOT the first time this girl has told me one thing and her mother gets another tale...) but could Mabel come sleep over there?

I felt sheer panic swell inside me. They have another dog. Mabel is a princess and nosy and tall enough to lay her head on a counter. They go to bed early...Mabel settles in just after eleven. And I don't sleep alone anymore.

So I drove her over. Mabel jumped out and ran to my best-friend's door. She was surprised when I drug her next door to my employee's house. They brought out their dog who promptly snarled at Mabel and her hackles went up. We took the dogs for a walk, then into the house and let their dog off leash, then Mabel.

And I snuck out. She's been there three hours. I've only called them once... and my best friend and hiking buddy have gotten two phone calls each.

If this works, it will allow me to go the Bead & Button show in June and the CA Cake Show in July almost worry free.

I just hope I make it through the night.


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Anonymous said...

so how'd it go? Isn't it a little early to have her get used to someone else's house, or will she do this sleep-over a few more times?

CreekHiker / HollysFolly said...

Janet, I was supposed to be traveling in a week. That's how this search started.

I have spent a small fortune on beading classes for the bead show and it is a constant source of worry on what I will do with her... so this allows me to know, I have another option.

She did fine. I was a mess. Let me put it this way... It's 1:16 p.m. and I just got up!

Becky said...

Mabel is such a good girl and and least now you know, right?