Thursday, January 03, 2008

It's All Over 'cept the Waitin'...

It's Official! California's on STORM WATCH!!!

While we all love to laugh at our local weather people in their spiffy rain gear and t.v. news stations that roll out the special graphics and music every time we get the tiniest hint of rain, this time it appears we have an actual storm rolling in.

I'm exceptionally excited as the weather people are all comparing this to the "great storm of 2005." That storm which rolled in on January 9th was one of my favorites. (Can you tell? I remember the date!) I've often thought of writing a blog or two about that very storm.

Day one of the storm, we only got an inch or two. That's enough to cause a flood in our dry desert clime. The first leg of the storm broke around dusk and Mabel & I raced down to check on the creek... and were terribly disappointed. It looked the same as the day before, even after all that rain.

But, I forget it often takes water a day or two to work its way out of the mountain and down to the stream. And then the second leg of the storm moved it. It poured all night long! I think we got around 5 - 6" overnight. When the weather cleared that morning, back to the creek we went. We found a flash flood!

Apparently the dam up in the mountains was at peak. The operator called the golf course in the night and told them there would be damage when the flood gates opened. The course lost a hole and a half.

The raging creek after our '05 storm. Note the waterfall about 1/3 from the left.
Photo credit: R. Gabel

But the creek... she's was so different. It changed her course. Instead of the meandering creek I had grown to love, she's mostly a straight shot through the canyon. The water came up on the levy a good 6 - 7 feet. (The creek is normally about 20 feet from the levy!)

My friends still laugh at me when I tell them I'm still hiking there looking for one of my favorite sitting rocks. The boulder was the size of Volkswagon! It was gone after the flood. In all, about 8 feet of boulders that had been the creek floor were gone.

But the good thing was that our Big Tujunga flowed for a full year and a half. Mabel and I, both Pisces, are NOT happy campers when the creek is dry. So, we're praying for a flood again and looking forward to the changes.

In the meantime, everyone everywhere is preparing for the storm. The grocery stores and gas stations were packed. Everyone was stocking up like they will not leave home again for a month.

Just before dark, my godson came over to clean the pool and make sure everything was in good working order for the storm. I had to run into town to get chlorine and it was so quiet.

Now, we're tucked in at home. Extra groceries and dog food put away; firewood covered on the porch. And we're waiting... There's going to be a new creek to discover this year!


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Anonymous said...

Gee, you stock up for rain, and we stock up for snow. Hard to believe we live in the same country!

Wonder where the rattlesnakes go when their hangouts get flooded?

You stay safe, and better dig up Mabel's Christmas present before it gets all muddy!

CreekHiker / HollysFolly said...

Gosh Janet, I FORGOT about the toy! I gotta rustle up a flashlight and get out there!

Adam said...

I thought the great storm of 2005 was Katrina! Y'all stay safe and enjoy the inside time!

Annie said...

I sense a lot of excitement from all the California bloggers today. Have fun, Holly.

Anonymous said...

Have you been blown away yet? Hope you're OK!

Annie said...

I hope you have power!

Linda@VS said...

I'm late getting here, so I'll just add that I'm glad you didn't have any storm problems -- at least none you've told us about. It's good to know you and Mabel are safe.

CreekHiker / HollysFolly said...

Annie, I did lose power while torching on Friday! That was freaky because the oxy con started sputtering and my flame got HUGE!

Velvet, the shop flooded but it's ok for the most part.