Sunday, January 27, 2008

Sunland Made the News

Sunland made the t.v. news!
They had to release water this morning to prevent flooding... They RARELY do this during the daytime. Mabel and I had already been hiking out there and the creek was up about four feet around 8:30.

We're ok...just mopping the shop periodically and staying inside.


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Anonymous said...

I saw that California was getting more storms and wondered if it affected you. Keep telling yourself, "at least this isn't snow and ice!".

Linda@VS said...

I hope you aren't having to spend your days bailing water.

Off topic, I had a frightening dream last night that Kadi got off her leash and was badly injured when another dog attacked her. Since I've never had conscious thoughts of anything like that, I'm guessing it was your vivid descriptions of Mabel and the Raccoon that tucked those images into the dark recesses of my mind where they could reach out and grab me as I slept. I was never so glad to wake up in my life, and now I have a better understanding of how you must have felt during Mabel's altercation.