Friday, January 25, 2008

Dog Mother of the Year

I feel like I should title this 40 days and 40 nights... we are waterlogged big time here! My shop is flooded so bad I can't process orders (Normally, we hop over the stream!) and we've had so much rain, my car is leaking!!! (I got a new windshield two YEARS ago, but this is the first real test of it!)

My pool is overflowing and my yard has 2" of standing water in most places. After I returned from bead class last night around 10, I let Miss M out to do her whiz biz and didn't make her go out again at bedtime.

Mabel simply refused to go out before breakfast so right after she ate, I took her outside. Picture this:

Me, large, red-headed woman in fluffy pajamas and slippers, on my very wet back porch, yelling at my mortified dog over and over, "GO POTTY!"

She was on the lower, uncovered patio, rain sprinkling on her. She would tippy toe to the edge of the tiles. Touch the water / grass and jump back on the tile, terrified. (Yes, this is the same dog I write about taking a dip in the frigid creek EVERY DAY!) Then she would try to come on the porch where I would block her path and yell again, "GO POTTY!"

Rinse, lather, repeat... for about five times!

Finally, the rain starts pouring. Only then does she go potty in the water logged yard. And does the little princess scamper into the house where her mom has a warm towel ready to dry her? NO!

She runs out to the deck and does her jumping trick - bouncing on the deck three times (never less, never more) to scare any critters that may be hiding under there. She suddenly has a yin to explore! And I'm freezing on that soaking wet porch! More yelling and finally, she's in the house.

Dog Mommy of the Year...NOT!


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Anonymous said...

I can identify-I tell Spot to "go poo-poo" and "go pee-pee". He isn't shy about rain, but sometimes he takes so long searching for just the perfect place to go, even when there's lightning almost overhead, I'm shrieking at him to GO POTTY RIGHT NOW!!! He looks at me like I'm crazy and goes calmly about his business sniffing while I wonder what the chances are of my dog getting fried by lightning, and whether I'd tell his smoking corpse "I told you so!".

CreekHiker / HollysFolly said...

Janet, You ALWAYS make me giggle!

Linda@VS said...

What a watery mess you're in! I hope your Louisiana background prepared you to deal with the occasional emergency flood, unlike poor, unhinged Mabel. ;)

Becky said...

Fires and flood! Life in California. I think you need to get away girl. South Korea awaits!