Monday, January 21, 2008

Back in the Nook

My dearest returned home at 8:30 this cold and rainy morning and as I ran about the house, getting things ready for her, it was as though I was preparing for the return of a long, lost lover.

Her meal was prepared, just in need of some warm broth. The bed was made the way she likes, her favorite soft blanket and the heated mattress pad on. Curtains closed. She ate and ran to my bed, greeted me with kisses; her body was eager for my caress.

Where the heck am I going with this??? LOL!

Seriously, the girl did fine on her sleepover. It was me, as predicted, that was a mess. While I did fall asleep a bit earlier than usual, I mostly wrestled with the covers all night long. I gave up at 3 and watched an old movie and GMA (East Coast version) before drifting off around 6:30. At 7:30, my hiking buddy called to check on Mabel. It almost made me cry. I got up and got everything ready... it felt like eternity!

We spent the day sleeping. We stayed in bed til after one. Ate and napped on the sofa and took a very cold hike to the creek. Normally I would feel so guilty about wasting the time but, it feels right today.

And best of all, I now have an option for traveling. Not my ideal, but an option.


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Anonymous said...

aww, I don't want you to leave her! Stay!

CreekHiker / HollysFolly said...

Janet, At least I have a few months before I have to go.

You know the funny thing?? Normally, when I hang on the sofa...usually about an hour late in the evening... she's always right there.

I came home from the creek with a massive headache and my back giving me fits. Since the day was already a total loss, I hit the sofa again.

NOT ONCE has she tried to come up. She's snoozing in her bed. I don't know if the kids tired her out or if she's punishing me...

Becky said...

Maybe she was just as stressed being away from home and was just plain worn out. We'll be happy to Mabel sit. Curt misses her especially since we had to put down our Daisy.

Anonymous said...

She was stressed and worn out. Or maybe she liked the smell of her clean bed.

Hope your headache is gone, you were stressed out too!

Adam said...

Mine are always worn out after time apart. I think dogs worry just as much as people. I wish you could tell them you'll be back very soon. Right now my girls are 3 miles away wondering why I abandoned them. If they only knew that I was leaving bright and early in the morning to take a trip that will help me earn money to keep buying dog food! We'll leave out the part where I spend Saturday not working and playing golf, ok?

Annie said...

This reminds me of the first sleepover my daughter had. It was hard letting someone else be responsible for her that first time - for both of us. It got easier, happily, and we both gradually gained some much needed independence.

Good luck with your plan for Mabel and you and your future business trips.

Linda@VS said...

Isn't it awful when you have to leave them? Butch and Kadi have sharply curtailed my travels. Even though Kim will bring her dogs and come here to stay with mine, I hate to be away from them.