Sunday, October 07, 2007

Sunday Hike Minutia

Well, I guess from the lack of comments, no one is enjoying my hike minutia but me!

Snipes spotted: 2
Hawks: 1
Lizards: 1
Runny Babbits: 1
Snakes: 0 (thank goodness)
Best moment: Watching the sun come up
Most creative moment: Using the front of my sweatshirt for a scarf when the Santa Ana winds kicked up after sunrise. I pulled the front back over my head so the collar was around my hairline and the body of the shirt protected my ears.
Things I carried: A dalmatian "paw sized" rock
Did I bring it home: Nah
Most exciting moment: Noticing a red sports car down a ravine.
Most dreaded moment: Realizing I had to hike down and see if there was a body in it. (It was empty. WHEW!)
Most frustrating moment: Explaining to the LAPD where it was.


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Anonymous said...

sounds like you had an adventure! I'd have brought that rock home. Did you hang around to meet the cops at the car? I wonder what happened there, and where the driver is.

CreekHiker / HollysFolly said...

Janet, There is a 90 degree turn in the road there. There are signs everywhere and a speed limit of 15 MPH. Let's just say the road went left and the car went straight.

Saturday night... they were probably drunk.

Mabel and I have been under that curve in the creek during several wrecks. For one, four kids came around the curve too fast and made a complete U turn, jumping the curve, through a fence and down into a ravine, flattening all four tires!

Annie said...

Creekhiker, your hikes are a lot more exciting than mine. I've never seen a car in a ravine. I know I wouldn't relish the idea of crawling down to see if anyone was inside, hurt or dead.

You're a heroine and it was a blessing that you didn't have to rescue anyone.

Were you hiking before dawn? Oh, you must be a really early bird.

Annie said...

I'm back to tell you about the new header on my blog. That's the Clinton Presidential Library, the newest star in Little Rock's crown.

Linda@VS said...

Those moments when you were climbing down to check on the car in the ravine must have been scary ones. I think you're very brave.

BTW, I can't see this photo for some reason. Any ideas?

Annie said...

I'm beginning to seem like a bad penny, I just keep showing up. You asked about Boulevard Bread Company. It's the most wonderful bread, etc bakery in Little Rock, started by a young man who trained with Alice Waters in California as well as in Italian bakeries. He's got the touch.

And the chai is good too.

CreekHiker / HollysFolly said...

Annie, Bad penny or not, you're always welcome! That bakery sounds wonderful. And I love the new header.

And I'm not REALLY an early bird. I just had a busy day and wanted Mabel to get her hike in. I'm more of a really good doggie mom than an early bird.

Velvet, I was trying to host the pic on my cel phone site and it kept disappearing so I moved it over to blogger.

I don't know about brave. I'm more a cross between a busy body and a damn fool! LOL.

Linda@VS said...

Thanks for fixing the photo, Holly.