Friday, October 26, 2007

Packing My Bags & Photo Update

I'm FINALLY getting around to uploading the fire pictures. This first one is from the first day of fires. The smoke is coming from the Valencia fire. The following day, the smoke was coming from the left side... the Malibu fire.

Since the second day, the air of full of ash. It makes the sun glow a really intense orange. This photo was taken in my backyard around 3 in the afternoon. Now, the sky is so full of ash... It's so grey you can't even see the mountain behind my house. We are in dire need of rain or a gentle ocean breeze to get rid of all the muck.

Below is the photo of where the little red sports car went through the barricade. The car was in this post.

And finally, in all fairness to my mother, I decided to describe what's going into my bags:

- a huge tin of crackers from the Philippines... left behind in August by my college roommate.
- a tub of psyllium for same roommate.
- gigantic warehouse size pills for Mom: Mucinex, Nyquil, Vitamin C, Airborne, Multi Vitamins for Seniors, Tylenol PM.
- a large baggie of cinnamon (for my breakfast shake)
- vanilla bean paste (my breakfast shake again)
- two pairs of pants for Mom to take in or repair.
- an old bedcover of Mabel's so her Granny can put in a new zipper
- two very large gummy snakes and two gummy lizards (Halloween presents for little cousins)
- Almonds, a protein bar and an apple (lunch on the plane).
- bookkeeping for the business (Like, I've got something planned for every day so I'm really going to get around to that, right?)
- laptop for bookkeeping (see above)
- sudafed and chewing gum (to make my ears behave on the flight)
- my camera (photos of my cousins' kids)
- a photo of Mabel...I'm gonna miss my girlie!


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Linda@VS said...

Have a great trip, Holly. I'm looking forward to keeping you away from your bookkeeping for a little while. Can't wait to meet you.

third-cat said...

Hi Holly!

I'm here by way of Velvet. Would you share the receipt for the breakfast shake? It sounds good!



CreekHiker / HollysFolly said...

Velvet, Never opened the lap top...

Third cat, Welcome. I've gotten so many emails on the shake, I'm going to post about it in another day or two...