Saturday, October 27, 2007

Pleasant Surprise - Hike Minutia

We were in the creek before the sun this morning. I was trying to give my girl one last romp before she's housebound for a week and a half.

Mabel was thrilled when a runny babbit jumped out onto the trail right in front of her. A good chase ensued. I was quite happy as I know she won't get much running in while I'm gone.

We wandered down to the runoff and were headed up the levy. Mabel in front, as usual. Suddenly a flock of Mallards took off from the creek bed parallel to the girl. She had startled them even though we were up on top of the levy.

This made no sense to me. Why would there be so many mallards in a dry creek bed? I worked my way through the shrubs near the levy wall... and I heard it before I got to the edge. Water in the creek!!!! I started running back to the end of the levy as fast as my pitiful feet could carry me. What a wonderful surprise.

Mabel dashed right through it at first...not even noticing??!!! She always visits with a homeless man in this area and she ran right into his tent, waking him up. In reality, I think she was trying to tell him about the creek. They both emerged and she led him down to the water's edge. I guess both of us Piscean girls get really excited when out old friend returns to town... we have to tell everyone!

I found a tennis ball and Mabel frolicked and dashed through the water, retrieving the ball. Since I had to get back and leave for the airport, we had to go... but not before doing one of my favorite things.

We chased the water to the downhill edge, watching, listening to the creek filling up. The sound the parched earth makes when it's finally quenched. The musical notes each crevice and dip in the rocks makes. The water was moving so fast, I stood on a giant rock, mid empty stream and watched it flood all around me.

Rock hopping back to the edge, my soul was flooded like my creek. Joy and gratitude overwhelm me.


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Anonymous said...

How nice! I wonder where the water is coming from? Hope it's still running when you get back.

CreekHiker / HollysFolly said...

Janet, They release the water from a dam in the mountains.

Linda@VS said...

I love the imagery in this post, Holly. Not only can I hear the water, I can almost smell it.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Holly!