Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The Fire Inside

I've tried to post all day but kept getting interrupted. But here's the latest.

I know several evacuees. A horse acquaintance lost their home and barn but every one including the animals made it out. I know evacuees from both the fire in Lake Forrest and San Diego. My buddy Kris is still hanging in there and can no longer see flames from her backyard. School is still canceled so her kids are quite happy.

The closest fire to me is ten miles...Northridge / Porter Ranch area. But that means nothing with winds. Most of the fires have been caused by construction or power lines...totally innocent. A few were caused by idiots.

The weirdest thing these last two days has been all the ash and smoke in the air. Yesterday, my eyes were so full of toxic crap, I was convinced I was coming down with the flu. After chatting with several friends, I realized we all had the same symtoms and decided we were all suffering from "Smoke in the eye." Still, I went to bed at 8:30, exhausted.

Today, my eyes were better but my mind was not. There was so much ash in the sky, it covered the sun, lending an orange cast to everything. Just walking through the house, I would see an orange spot on the floor near an window and become convinced my house was on fire and go outside to check! (Everything smells like smoke, so that's no help.) I did this about eight times!

It also doesn't help that our media (radio, t.v. and newspapers) have all named this "Southern California ON FIRE" and all are doing 24/7 coverage of the various fires. (Thank God, I get East coast channels on my DVR... it's just too much!) Add in the constant sound of fire engines and helicopters going to and fro and maybe you'll understand my jangled nerves. But, considering how many families are now homeless, I'll take this fire inside my crazy head anytime over the real deal.

There was one bright spot today. Because the sun's rays were dulled by all the soot and ash, our temp only reached 90 instead of the 103 promised.

The winds will hopefully dissipate by sunset tomorrow and then our wonderful fire teams will get a handle on these infernos.

Check in later and I'll add some pictures. I'm just too tired right now. Oh, and THANK YOU to all who emailed to check up on me! I appreciate it.

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Linda@VS said...

It's so good to hear that you're safe, Holly. Thanks for the update.

Becky said...

I'm so worried about you guys! Has the smoke affected Mabel? I wish I was home and I'd send you some 3M masks (one of Curt's old divisions) but I think you could use a respirator instead. Take care, my friend!

Anonymous said...

In the summer when my bedroom windows are open and some idiot decides to start a cook-out at 11:30 PM, I'm wide awake sniffing till I can tell if it's a cookout or a house on fire, so I can imagine it must be mentally exhausting-even if you're not actively thinking about it, it's in the back of your mind. I'd be on high alert too with the orange spots. Hope the winds die down today and you can relax.

How's Mabel taking all the helicopters and sirens?

Annie said...

I imagine a lot of Californians will have clearer images of what living in Hell might be like. Hell on earth, anyway.