Sunday, August 28, 2011

I Love Her Ways

Some times, I am so enamored of my girl. Her little quirks and sweet ways make me smile so much every day.

Lover Girl
One of the most wonderful things that Mabel does (and honestly, every rottweiler in my family has done this to a degree) is greet the humanoids in the pack with an equal gusto to that of dogs.  Dogs typically greet other dogs and they may or may not greet the humans. All my rotties have always acknowledged the humans around them but Mabel does it with such flourish. And I'm grateful that the other pet pawrents at the creek welcome her with open arms and lavish her with kisses and scritches.
Mabel greeting Hank and Sue's Mom

Girly Girl
On the rare occasion I venture forth in the world...for a real job or to meet a client or teach a class, such a sadness falls over my spoiled girl.  I think she knows I'm leaving her home alone because of that stuff I put on my face. As I stand in the bathroom primping, Mabel always ventures into that too small space and stares up at me. This started when she was just a pup. I will always ask her, "Did you want to put on your makeup too???"

She does this little bounce from side to side and I grab some tissue and pantomime dabbing it in the makeup and blot all around her face. I stand back admiring her and tell her how beautiful she looks.  With that, she seems satisfied and she jumps on my bed and allows me to finish getting ready.

 Mabel greeting Lucy's Dad

Demanding Girl
When I've been working on the computer for too long - according to the four footed member of my household - Mabel always lets me know. She hooks her paw into the arm of my desk chair and pulls, spinning me away from the computer.  She does this periodically during the day, during the evening and especially at bedtime.

The Sweetest Girl
There are times when Mabel hugs me... yes, hugs me!  I cannot demand a hug as I do a kiss. It is always a spontaneous thing. When we are at the creek and she is having a good time, she will sit in front of me (which is rare with her greyhound hips!) and take her front paw and place it behind my knee and pull me into her!

The other hug I get is when we are playing bitey face at night. I will start to get up to end the game and Mabel will place both paws around my neck and pull my head close to hers. I often get a kiss with this one...

I would love to tell you more but my chair is spinning.


Priscilla said...

She just sounds like the best girlie ever!
Rotties are wonderful. There is no doubt about that. I will always have a rottie in my life.
Mabel is full of life. Enjoy all you can with her!

Priscilla said...

Btw, that above comment was from me, Rosie :) Haha

Berts Blog said...

I do love hearing stories like these. I think Mabel is a beautiful dog and it is great to hear about her little "techniques" to get your attention.

I would love to see the hug. I imagine, being a big girl like she is, that it would be one powerful hug.


rottrover said...

Mabel Lou, you are a character. And a love!!

-Gizmo's mom

Mango said...

As time goes by we get closer and closer to our dogs. They learn more about us, we learn more about them. What a beautiful post.

Mango Momma

Gretchen said...

She really is a great dog! Every time I see her she is always so happy to see you (well I think she has a crush on my husband) and is very warm and kind.

Anonymous said...

what a great best friend Mabel is! Give her a kiss from me.