Monday, August 22, 2011

Hiking Buddy Profile: Attila

This is one of our extended hiking pack buddies Attila a/k/a Tila Boy, an Aussie shepherd. The name Attila is hardly fitting. He's more the peace keeper / Camp counselor in the pack. He doesn't like it when anyone is upset. He even barks at me when I yell for Bart to come back from his adventures!

Attila rarely sits still. He is forever chasing a golf ball, organizing the pack, asking for a drink of water (he prefers bottled to creek!), humping Chloe, asking for a snack, rousing lizards, or just running. So these pictures of him sitting still are a rare treat!

I just love that he's all covered with dirt and foxtails! Tila is a favorite of everyone at the creek and Bart and Mabel love him and his dad, who always has cookies and bottled water... for when a dip in the creek is just too tedious!


rottrover said...

GREAT photos, Miss Creekhiker! One doesn't usually see Atilla holding this still! I can't believe he is COVERED in foxtails in that one picture!! So sweet. You really captured him well!!

Gretchen said...

You summed up Atilla perfectly! Other than your dogs and the constant humping of my baby, he is definitely a favorite and so very sweet!