Saturday, May 17, 2008

Six Random

Alison tagged me for six random things about me. Here goes:

1) I HATE the smell of air conditioning! It's not the smell of the house closed up. It's that metallic smell of the a/c motor running that's really offensive.

2) I have a lead foot. I'm only comfortable driving when I can go fast. Apparently I was born this way. As a toddler, I loved being in the car with my 22-years-older sister. As soon as she got out of the driveway, I would start my mantra. "Go faster, Sister. Go faster!"

3) I always wanted to change my last name to that of my father...until I grew up and learned a few things about my paternal brothers. That ended that. They can have his name. I had his love.

4) My sister and I both wanted 16 children!!!! Our grandmother was one of 16 and we both loved her stories. We were both raised as only children (22 years apart) and thought it would be simply fantastic to have that many kids. We are both proud dog mommies.

5) I went through menopause in my twenties. It left a hole in my heart that I think will never be filled.

6) Never knowing when or how to tell a man I was dating the above allowed me to build huge wall around me, effectively pushing all pursuers away. Add in that I'm smart, direct, outspoken and opinionated pretty much puts the F*&^ Off sign on my forehead.

And that's that with that.

I'm supposed to tag six others but since everyone I know in blogger land has already been tagged, I'll hit two...Janet & Becky.


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Anonymous said...

Oh, gee, thanks. Now I have to come up with six (SIX!!) things about myself I'd rather not think about! ;-)

CreekHiker / HollysFolly said...

C'mon Janet! You KNEW somebody was gonna tag you!