Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Conversational Monologue

I've had many great chats about art with my hiking buddy. She is a phenomenal painter and needs, yes NEEDS, to paint something daily, even if it's only her bathroom wall. She is renown in the film industry for being able to duplicate the masters as well as paint huge, sound-stage size backdrops.

For me, doing art is the only time when the voices in my head shut up. I don't know where they go but their constant insults and belittling comments are not missed. It is a wonderful vacation from life to be able to create without having to listen to them.

When I'm creating, I love the sounds of my tools and art: the whisk of the brush on canvas, my torch hissing or the tinkling of a glass rod as I place it on my work table.

While visiting my friend's house today, I picked up a gorgeous metallic heart with wings and asked if she had made it.

"Oh no," she replied. "I don't do metal or glass or anything hot or loud."

I must have looked confused because she added, "Then, it's a conversation and not a monologue. I need to hear the voice in my head when I'm creating. I don't need my materials adding their two cents worth!"

How interesting that our approaches are totally opposite for nearly the same reason.


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1 comment:

Becky said...

Holly: I'm with you. I love to hear the sounds of creating. I also tend to blast the stereo or television too. I go crazy if it's too quiet.