Sunday, May 25, 2008

Consider Me Impressed

Saturday found my dining experience entirely in the hands of young men. It started out at Kat's house as her sweet daughter got ready for her last ever high school prom. Six couples rented a limo and were meeting at one of the boy's houses in the hills of Glendale.

With the holiday weekend, the boy's parents were out of town and his older, college-age brother served as host. Not only was the house ship shape, he had placed out wonderful appetizers: shrimp cocktail, chips and guacamole, sushi and sparkling water. And candles were lit throughout the house!

After an hour of the parental paparazzi posse, shouting at the kids, "This way," "One for my camera," "Over here guys!" the limo arrived and the kids were off.

And Kat and I were off to USC for a dinner with her eldest and his six house mates. On the way, she informed me the boys were cooking. Great. Chips and dip for dinner.

Boy, was I ever surprised!

These boys, ages 19-22, actually cooked! The appetizer was HUGE sea scallops, wrapped in bacon and dredged in brown sugar. They were so good, I wanted to lick the plate! (I restrained myself and used a piece of bread!)

They grilled rib eyes and made two delicious salads. One was various oak style lettuces with goat cheese, walnuts and cranberries served with a fresh (homemade) basil vinaigrette. The other featured romaine and curly endive, tomatoes, & feta with a different homemade vinaigrette. The meal was rounded out with sour dough and rye and plate of Turkish cheese, and store bought desserts: turtle cheesecake and red velvet cake.

The only frustrating thing in the whole evening was trying to find a non-alcoholic beverage. It's not that I don't drink... I just don't like the way it makes me feel: tired and sleepy during the party; wide awake once I'm ready for bed!

When I made a comment, the other mother there was quick to defend the boys: "They signed a contract with the coach that they wouldn't drink soda!"

I was equally quick to point out, "They also signed a contract that they wouldn't eat junk food, drink alcohol or smoke and I see plenty of that going on. If they're going to break all those rules, why stick to the 'no soda' rule, especially when they are entertaining?"

I guess she must've told the boys because two of them disappeared and shortly afterward, someone placed an ice cold coke in my hands. I was quite surprised later to see the two girlfriends there drinking straight coke (nothing added).

All in all, I was so impressed by all these young men. They were intelligent, funny and engaging aside from all the good food. It was quite a night.

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Linda@VS said...

Wouldn't you love to have been born in a generation where it was cool for a man to be able to cook? I wonder if the young women who find these guys realize how lucky they are.

Anonymous said...

wow! You really lucked out there. I wish I could get invited to something like that!