Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Meeting Friends - Photo Essay

Since I'm going to be busy for a few weeks, I thought I would put up this photo essay so you guys have something fun to look at.

Meeting Friends
It was a hot, hot morning. We trekked to the creek early in hopes of making the hike bearable in the heat. The sun was taking her morning curtain call.
Miss Mabel was mighty hot and was grateful for a tiny patch of water.
Mabel suddenly ran to the top of the levy.
Hey! Who's that?
Our friends Sue & Hank popped up over the levy wall. Sue loves to do circus tricks!

Hey! Where'd they go??
(They weren't sure if they had permission to come over the levy and ran back to their mom.)
Hey look! Auntie is here too!!!! I love my Auntie!!!

Auntie and Rhodies are HERE!!!
Mabel had to run "tell" me the news!

Wanna play??

Finally the Rhodies jumped the levy and they all had a frolic and investigated a good smell.

Hank was suddenly worried about where his mom was (still high on the levy) and took off around the levy to get to her. The girls played on.

Sue finally realized I was there and had to run over and give me kisses.

A good time was had by all. Isn't doggie love the best?


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Anonymous said...

aww. It's fun watching the kids play, isn't it?

This photo essay isn't gonna be enough to hold me while you're off doing Holly things! Hope you'll be back now and then.

Linda@VS said...

Thanks for taking us along with you and Mabel on your hike. The dogs' enthusiasm shines through your photos and makes me smile.