Sunday, May 11, 2008

On a Lighter Note

I was gabbing with my mom this morning and asked her what she, my sister and brother-in-law were doing for Mother's Day. She said my brother-in-law was cooking Creyfish Étouffée for her and my sister and that they were just staying home.

As if that needed some sort of apology, she quickly added, "Since Katrina, you can't go out to a restaurant on a holiday. You have to wait in line for two hours!"

"Well, that's the thing about mothers, Mother. Everybody's got one!"

That cracked her up and made her have a good laugh... always a good thing!

My #1 girl took me out for breakfast (our Sunday ritual) to our favorite diner-with-a-dog-friendly-patio in La Crescenta.

As I was mulling over the Crescenta Valley Sun and enjoying the best cup of coffee in town, two old gents, also regulars met and starting chatting about politics.

Gent #1: What do you think about the Barack / Hillary mess?
Gent #2: Oh, who knows?
Gent #1: I don't think we're going to know anything anytime soon.
Gent #2: Nope. It's not gonna be over til the fat lady sings.
Gent #1: Yep. Sure is a mighty long song though.


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Anonymous said...

Good you could give her a laugh!

I agree with that gent, this is dragging on forever. Just think, after the presidential election, no matter who wins, the talking heads will keep the flames alive by talking about what would have happened if so-and-so had won, etc. It will never end. *sigh*

That's why I buy books that make me want to put on feetie pajamas!

Becky said...

How much longer can it go on? I'm ready for it to ALL be over.

How's your oh-ma (Korean for mother)? See, I am learning Korean.