Friday, June 08, 2007

Vote for the Dead Guy

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I'm not too inclined to talk about politics but please allow me to plead this one political case. When there is an election and one of the contenders happens to be dead, ALWAYS vote for the dead guy. Seriously.

To illustrate my case, I only need to point to our sheriff here in Los Angeles. Lee Baca is a man who would have NEVER been elected had his opponent, our much beloved sheriff, Sherman Block, not died mid-election.

Despite many of our local talk radio stations pleading with people to vote for the dead guy, Baca was elected anyway. It's true, Block was ailing but I still believe he would have been elected had he not died. And while Baca is in the spotlight for allowing a certain obnoxious heiress out of prison early, he has not been the best sheriff by a mile. And I really wish we had elected the dead guy. Allow me to explain.

First, let me state up front that I find election stats mind numbing. When you consider the number of people who are eligible to vote and from that, the number of people who register to vote and then reduce that number down to the those who actually vote, do you realize we are letting a number of people far less than the majority of us control our world???

And when the choices of those politicians are so lackluster - they really are the same guy in a different suit most of the time - why not maximize your choice?? Vote for the dead guy. It forces another election... i.e. another choice. Don't we deserve that?


Anonymous said...

Interesting idea, Holly! LOL. You may be on to something here.

Anonymous said...

don't they take the dead guy's name off the ballots?

CreekHiker / HollysFolly said...

Jackie, I KNOW I am. I always believe in maximizing my choices!

Janet, Not when it's that close to the election... His name was there. I voted for him.