Thursday, June 07, 2007

The Home Crapot Battle - UPDATED

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UPDATE:Well, Home Crapot bussed in so many "supporters" (who DON'T LIVE here!), the meeting was postponed as the room could not hold us. Many did not even get into the building. I have canceled my Home Crapot credit card and vow never to shop there again.

The small community I live in has been waging a battle against a store I have nicknamed Home Crapot (crap OH). It is a home improvement store and you can probably guess the name.

A couple years back, our local Kmart closed. Despite being a profitable store and the ONLY place within a 20 minute drive to buy non-edible household basics, they moved out and leased the space to Home Crapot. And our tiny, sleepy village went into action.

I live near the site and am not looking forward to a new, noisy neighbor. This retail giant has hired p.r. firms and lawyers and pollsters and signature gatherers to fight us. And when that hasn't worked, they played the race card.

I was shocked to find a very nasty article about our town on I wrote my own response and was equally shocked when they published it so quickly. If you click on FORUM there, you will see another neighbor's letter as well.

We have a big hearing today. Cross your fingers for us.


On a happier note, I made something I really like on the torch. I liked it so much, I put it up for auction. While it wasn't really my intention to start auctioning off my glass, you end up with so many beads. Some of them you just want to show off! Here's a pic:
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Anonymous said...

Way to go! Keep bitching about it! Though I don't know if a Target would come to the place if Home Depot backs down. Fingers crossed!

Let us know if you get new business from that letter!

CreekHiker / HollysFolly said...

Janet, We have publicly stated we would welcome a Target / Walmart or even Kmart back. Plus the weight of our Design Advisory Committee goes a long way. They are behind such a store as well. It's a matter of what we NEED vs. what we want.

Annie said...

Are there hardware stores you fear will go out of business when the Home Crapot store comes into town?

If so, don't worry too much - Home Crapot has no customer service to speak of.

I think your bead is a little miracle. It's quite stunning looking.

And about my foxglove, it's in my mother's garden, not mine.

CreekHiker / HollysFolly said...

Oh Annie, We have LOTS of hardware stores and we know the workers there. They are all wonderful and helpful. And we have a Home Crapot just six minutes away. It's not like we are that remote.... we are port of Los Angeles.

Thanks for the comment on my bead. I was stunned taking it out of the kiln this morning.

Your mother grows some lovely foxgloves! That color is so rich.


Anonymous said...

You done great, girl!! On both your letter and your bead. I'm so impressed!

CreekHiker / HollysFolly said...

Jackie thanks so much! I appreciate it!

Anonymous said...

Good for you for fighting the good fight. I hope they keep it out of S-T!

Anonymous said...

Keep it up! and get as many of your neighbors as you can to go to the next meeting. Somebody has to stand up to those corporate drecks.