Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Sorry State of Affairs

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I went to my writer's group meeting for the first time in ages tonight and then on to dinner with mother - daughter friends from the group. I am about 4 or 5 years older than the daughter, an attorney.

Like many fabulous women I know in Los Angeles, she has fallen into the routine of commuting, working too many hours, commuting home and pursuing things that interest her such as a book group she runs, our writers group and an art group. And yes, she is still single.

She was telling me how, a few years back, she came to know the local homeless man when she was taking the bus to law school. Since then, they often speak to each other and he knows her by name.

The other morning, she was walking to her car and noticed him at the bus stop. She went over and inquired how he was etc. and he, in turn asked about her life. He specifically asked if she had a boyfriend or had gotten married.

When she told him no, his response was, "Dang girl, if I weren't homeless, I'd sure ask you out. I mean your reasonably attractive."


As she complained the this was the only time a man had hit on her in ages and his best line was that she was reasonably attractive, I could only chuckle.

At least she still gets hit on. Heck, it's been so long for me, I'd pay someone for a "Hey Baby!"


Anonymous said...

I guess we all get to the point where we'll take any compliment that's tossed our way, even if it's a backhanded one. ;-)

CreekHiker / HollysFolly said...

I should also add, I even have to beg for kisses from the DOG! LOL...

Anonymous said...

Oh, yeah, it's insulting, ain't it?

Anonymous said...

If that's all you want, Holly, just go walk by some construction site!! LOL

Anonymous said...

yoo-hoo Holly, you there? New post, please! How's Mabel?