Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Told You the Possum Was FINE!

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After receiving a few emails from old friends stating my "Possum Pool" game was cruel, I thought I should prove once and for all that the critter is fine. Photos from last night.

The "spotlight" on the possum is a large flashlight... I had to give my camera something to pick out in the darkness so that it would take the darn picture. I realize you can't really see the critter in this one but, look at Mabel Lou go!

Another shot of her "hunting prowess."

Right after this, I got my hoe pool cue and sent him flying. Here is Miss M convinced she can still get to him through the block wall.

Look at what she's done to my fence! Brat! She'll stop at nothing to get to a critter.


Annie said...

Your "divine Miss M" looks intent on her job there.

Anonymous said...

Mabel Lou the Possum Hunter! Maybe she can get her own TV show!

Does that thing show up every night?

CreekHiker / HollysFolly said...

Annie, She is BEYOND intent. She won't stop until I DRAG her in the house.

Janet, Just about. These photos were taken at 11:30. Last night (12th) was the first night in five I've slept thanks to critters in the yard and Mabel being a brat!

Anonymous said...

Maybe the possum will figure out that hanging around is a little too much work and move on!