Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Nuts - Part 21 (=3)

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O.K., I promise this will be the last post on this topic but I did make it into town to see 1408 (=13) the other day. The movie was an amazing mind trip more than a horror flick and Cusack is soaking wet in several scenes. His performance was just breathtaking. It must really be hard to be the only actor in most of a movie.

So other nutty things:

1) When the art director gets it wrong: I was flipping through cable the other morning and ran across Mad Love. Two teenagers running away and had already wrecked their car when a love scene takes place. Logic would presume they have limited funds. Yet, there was at least $500 worth of candles in the love scene. Had they been the 99 Cent Store variety, I could have "bought" the scene. But these were the terribly expensive ones....

2)When the Director of Photography tries to be too artsy: I'm lost for an example here but you've seen movies that are lit so dark, you can't even see what's happening.

3)When the director moves the camera without motivation: I submit to you any Michael Mann movie. Mr. Mann (and many others) seemed to have missed out on the day in film school where they pointed out that if the camera moves, it's usually for a reason. It's not supposed the flail about wildly. And yet, Mr. Mann is a millionaire and more importantly in this town, always working.

4) When the casting director allows the director to get it wrong: For this example, I'll point to a movie in production, Get Smart, starring Steve Carell, a perfect choice for Maxwell Smart. They got it so wrong on Agent 99 by choosing Anne Hathaway. She is a perfectly fine actress and I've enjoyed her in many roles. But part of the exciting thing about 99 and 86 was the sexual tension. Excuse me for finding sexual tension between a 45-year-old and a woman 20 years his junior gross!

Why does Hollywood keep doing this?? Because they don't think people will go see a movie with a "mature" woman as the lead! And honestly, if the guy isn't really loaded, just when are you going to see that in real life? I know, men out there would like to think it's not about money, but it's always about the money, honey. Yet Hollyweird keeps casting this way and often the man in the movie is just a Joe Schmoe - not wealthy and yet he's got this tart on his arm. UGH! No wonder older folks stop going to the movies!


Anonymous said...

Oh, motion-sickness-inducing camera work is the worst. I won't watch some TV shows because of it. Can't think of an example right now, though.

And I think that Hollywood pairs up the moneymakers instead of the suitable actors. They go with actors and actresses who are hot at the moment, hoping to make money off people who are still interested in seeing certain actors/actresses. Speaking of "hot", who do you think is gonna play Paris Hilton in the Lifetime movie about her time in jail? ;-)

Anonymous said...

oh, and by the way, don't stop talking about movies or even griping about them! I like it!

Anonymous said...

That thing in the movies with the 45 year old men with women 20 years their juniors - grosses me out, too. I always wonder what the heck they would talk about. Same with the older woman/younger man thing. I never can figure out why a woman would want one so young she'd have to train him!

Anonymous said...

jackie-maybe because she'd train him the way she likes! ;-)

CreekHiker / HollysFolly said...

Janet / Jackie - I was trying to think of a polite way to say just that! I have one girlfriend... the never married one... who ONLY dates younger men. They are very trainable, will talk about anything instead of just what HE likes and I'll just say he's not as worn out as guys our age (imagine whatever you like there!)

Janet: re the rude people... ALWAYS. It's a daily gauntlet getting out of my own driveway. I got into some serious trouble on one job because I couldn't leave home on time! For that one, I would just leave my car on the street after I took Mabel to the creek so that I could leave on my schedule!

Anonymous said...

That must be soooo frustrating. I bet you've had fantasies about shooting up or blowing up cars parked in your driveway. I'd seriously consider using my car to ram the unwanted one out of the driveway, but I doubt my insurance company would pay for the damage. ;-) Maybe a judicious application of dog poop-by the driver's side door-would act as a deterrent for next time?

Annie said...

On the other hand, remember The Summer of 42?

I rarely see movies, in fact, haven't seen any of those you mentioned in this post. So I'm a little out of the loop here.

It's good to be back - thanks for your welcome.

Linda@VS said...

It's July 8th. As they say in New Orleans, "Where y'at, heart?" Hope everything is OK.

Annie said...

It's Sunday and I came back to say hello. And yes, all is well here.

Annie said...

Hi again Creekhiker, the bust on my blog on Monday is indeed in Arkansas, on a children's castle in the city park in Fayetteville.