Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Baby Lou Highlights from Louisiana

Many of you know we have a special stuffie that shares one of Mabel Lou's nicknames: Baby Lou. I thought I would share two of the cuter Baby Lou adventures from Louisiana.

When Mom had surgery, I expected to stay with her one night and that Mabel would spend one night with my brother in law and Bailey. It quickly became clear that I needed to be with Mom 24/7 for the full three nights and four days, thus making Mabel spend more time at her cousin's.

My brother in law drove Mabel to Mom's as soon as I got there. There were hugs and kisses and Mabel proceeded to sniff the house. The humans went into Mom's bedroom - where Mabel, Baby Lou and I sleep - to discuss the best placement of the new shower chair.

A few moments later Mabel entered, ignored us and leaped on the bed. She nosed around the covers and... found her Baby Lou and let out the biggest sigh of relief! I didn't send Baby with Mabel as I knew Bailey would not be nice to her! My girl was SO happy to see her Baby!!!


The morning we were to fly home, I stripped our bed and started laundry. Mabel wandered in the bedroom to supervise the packing.

"Mabel, we have to pack Baby Lou! Go get her!!!"

Mabel goes to our bed. She sees it is stripped, so she sniffs the floor at the foot of the bed and comes to me, concern on her face.

I knew Baby was on the side of the bed. I walked over and said, "BABY!!! WHAT are you doing HERE??? We have to go home!!!"

Mabel went to Baby and picked her up. As my suitcases were in three different rooms, I was curious what was next. Mabel proceeded to the room where my carry on was and only then did she give me Baby Lou!

For the two of you are not familiar with the Baby Lou Game... Here's the back stories:

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harrispen said...

Mabel is so cute with her baby. I'm sure she wasn't happy without her baby, but it was better to keep baby safe from her cousin.


Ruby said...

Oh, you were SO SMART not to let Bailey at Baby!! OMD! That wouldn't have been good!
Mabel Lou is just SO CUTE with her baby!! I, however, tend just to be a brute and 'kill' everythings...thou, I still have the two toys that came with me in my crate when I was 'shipped' to Ma! (Ma says this is a 'win' BOL)
Safe trip gurls!!
Ruby ♥

Mollie said...

Oh just loving that cute face xx00xx

Mollie and Alfie

Dexter said...

And all was right with the world. One must have their best friend with them at all times! Take good care of your Baby Lou, Miss Mabel.