Saturday, September 08, 2012

Stop the Presses! Baby Has Been Found!

Mabel Lou here. I was absolutely shocked, SHOCKED I tell you to find that  Momma had accused me of burying Baby! I have not committed such a heinous crime since puppy-hood my teen years a really long time ago.

 Me and Baby

And even more shocking than my own Momma's allegations against me, was just WHERE my precious Baby was actually found! I'm not pointing any paws at any one human in particular (but as I live with only one human, you can draw your own conclusions!), but someone in my household sleeps with like a dozen pillows. She's got like three for her sore neck and two for her knees and three for her elbows. Three for her elbows... Tee hee... she says she needs three cause a certain poopy dog rests her head on one of them! Anyway, with so many pillows in my our bed, there's hardly any room at all for a good size rotten girl like me! And apparently not enough for my precious Baby!

Baby - (Mom says I have to tell you that our carpets are a mess because the men who claim to condition our hot air were going in and out of the attic. I was waiting at the bottom of the steps to see if they wanted to play tug with me and Baby!)

So WHERE did we find our Baby? Jammed under "someone's" mountain of pillows and worked clear down between the mattress and the headboard! My poor precious Baby! It's a wonder she didn't suffocate! We only found her cause Mom decided to flip the mattress!

I have been SO happy now that my beloved is back. I've even taken to tossing Baby about while the witch Mom is sleeping!

 Baby - Where have you been? You taste strange!

All is now right in my world! Now if you'll excuse me, Baby's ears need chewing!


CalliopeCreations said...

Oh, Holly, what a scream. Loved it!

harrispen said...

I'm so glad you found your baby, but what a crime to be accused of such a terrible thing when it was all your mom's fault!


Priscilla said...

Oh dear, we had been so worried about your precious baby and we are so happy to hear that Baby was found safe and sound at last.

We always knew you're innocent in this case!

Mango said...

The outrage! The horror! The humanity!


Snowbrush said...

You sure have a sweet-looking doggie there, and she's awfully cute with her little toy.

Snowbrush said...

You sure have a sweet-looking doggie there, and she's awfully cute with her little toy.