Monday, July 08, 2013

I Think Her Head's Gonna Explode!

I have done nothing to this photo except lighten it a little! I often find blurry photos way more interesting than perfect ones as is the case with this one:

Mabel is yelling at her good buddy Otto. I don't know why on earth he's so kind and patient with her! But her nickname is Queen Bitch of Everything!  She usually yells at him a bit until they work things out and just play.

The low, early evening light and Mabel's greyed eyebrows make it look like her eyes are bugging out of her head!


Mr. Pip said...

Mabel does look like a bossy pants, but that's OK, I like a girl who doesn't take any crap.

Your pal, Pip

harrispen said...

It looks like she is yelling at him for splashing her :-D

Millie & Walter

rottrover said...

I think he HAD just splashed her! When I look at Mabel's eyes in this picture I hear the music from Psycho!

Dexter said...

Oh dear, those bossy girl dogs. Otto has the right idea, just remain calm and wait for the storm to pass.