Saturday, March 16, 2013

The Car Door Was Left Open

This is what happens when you tell Bart and Mabel to "Go play" but leave the car door open. I swear Bart is telling Mabel, "The keys are right there... Can't you get us to the creek???"


rottrover said...

Bart!! Always us for mischief! Mabel looks like she would NEVER do anything wrong!! BOL!!

GOOSE said...

Bawahhahaha. Oh I so can relate. I don't even need the door to be open. If the window is down I just jump right through.

Ruby said...

BOL!! OMD, that is sooooo funny!!!
Yups, that is EXACTLY what he's sayin'!! (you have seen the Subaru commercials, right?! hehehehe)

harrispen said...

I guess they were telling you how they wanted to play.


Snowbrush said...

Maybe it's magical thinking as in, whenever we go to the creek, we first get into the car, therefore if we get into the car, we will go to the creek.

Kari in Alaska said...

oh that is what happens at our house

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