Thursday, October 20, 2011

Chloe's Pawty Pt Deux!

Mabel may have acted all cooler than cool, making fun of Bart and Ruby in their pawty hats, I have actual photographic proof that she put one on herself. Of course, Chloe's dad provided a little "encouragement" in the form of a hot dog weenie:

This is not the only photo of Mabel with a hat...but it is the only one of her wearing the hat!

Barticus Farticus was not immune from hat festivities... and, no surprise, was totally bribe-able too. Yes, my dogs will wear anything for a hot dog!

As you can see, Attila a/k/a 'tila boy had arrived and was ready to be hatted.

He was a much better sport that my crew! This is Barticus after a few minutes:

"Duh... is there a weenie in there????"

All in all it was the rottens that were the most fun pawty goers so far... 

They did their best to ignore the Queen Bitch of Everything and her court jester, Barticus.

COMING SOON - PART THREE AND BEYOND: More guests arrive and are properly hatted. Chloe's dad demands his own treats for wearing a hat. Tender stolen moments between the birthday girl and her mom. Sue does tricks in her hat. Party games and MORE... It was quite an event!!!


Pat Dempsey said...

Too Cute!!!

Kari in Vegas said...

What a super fun party

Stop on by for a visit

Priscilla said...

Love to see rotties with pawty hats! They are just way too cute!!!

Mango said...

The fun never ends! Awesome party! Hats and all!