Friday, May 20, 2011

She's Such a Character

I've always thought every dog I've been blessed with had such a personality. But Mabel... this girl has me giggling and shaking my head every single day!

Every morning, I get up and head to the computer to check on orders or class enrollments. And some days, I take too long. This morning, Mabel was impatiently tapping on the back door with her nose. Thinking she had an urgent bathroom emergency, I went flying down the hall to let her out. That was not her problem... No, it seems her urgent need was that the sun was "just right" on her rug. 

It was an urgent sunbathing emergency!

Last night, I was baking cookies for a demo on cookie bouquet class when I realized I would need another 10# of flour.  I dashed out the back door telling Mabel to "Come on. Let's go!"
I got into the Mabel. I opened the gate, checked my wallet and was just about to leave when she came running around the house. Not wanting to get out of the car, I opened the rear door behind me as I've done a thousand times before. Normally, she would just jump right in. 

But Mabel is getting older. While I think she would like the rear door better - to me, the lower part could be a lower step for her - Mabel clearly has her own ideas. She looked at the open door. Then she walked to the rear of the jeep and waited. I put the car in park and got out and let her in.

Sometimes, I marvel at how many homes she had before I got her. And I'm certain we stuck because, clearly, I speak Mabel Lou.


rottrover said...

We love you Mabel Lou!!

Priscilla said...

That's what a rottie for! Such a character!

Mango said...

A sun baking emergency is no joke. Stay on your toes because Miss Mabel is queen supreme.


Snowbrush said...

You know, I ever rejoice in the sweetness of your friendship with your darling Mabel.

Hey, kiddo, thanks for the video pet care after the rapture. I don't figure on going up into the sky, so I'll be taking care of my own critters, I suppose.

CreekHiker / HollysFolly said...

Snow... I know where you stand on that stuff... I was thinking you might want to apply for a job!

Hope you are feeling well!