Thursday, May 05, 2011

Red Tennis Balls!

Mabel Lou here. Back  when Mom was working the crazy hours on the sporting good m'cercial, I told you she promised she'd be coming home for good with tennis balls... My most favorite thing in the world is tennis balls! Well, she came home with a purse full!!! I got to dig through her purse and pick my favorite and I picked red!

These were taken her first night home!


Gnomebody said...

Aw, cute, Mabel Lou! We wuv woo! Tell your Mama to give you a big hug from the BooDee BooDahs!

Sniffs and Licks and Barks,
Auggie, Riley and Fluffy

rottrover said...

What a happy girl!!

Rottie Kisses for our fave hiking buddy!!

Priscilla said...

A good girl always gets what she wishes for! Yay for Mabel!