Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Bart's New Do

My bestie's best boy, Barticus Farticus, gets dog allergies something awful in the spring.

Bart attacking the evil itch monster!

So his mom took him to get a new do. But his back was so sensitive, he ended up with a slightly crooked mohawk - which makes him think he's one cool dude.

I like it because he no longer blends in with all the shrub in the creek! 
He feels much better but - the evil itch monster still lurks:


rottrover said...

Roll in the water, Bart!! You'll feel better!!

Priscilla said...

Just as rottrover said, have fun and enjoy the water, Bart!
Hope you get a quick recovery from the mean itchiness.

Mango said...

My idiot nephew, Oliver the mutant lab, suffers from the itches as well. It is an awful thing. Good luck.


Anonymous said...

he looks good, hope a cure is found for the itchies.

CreekHiker / HollysFolly said...

Rott / Priscilla - Yeah, the water trickling down his back itches him more... He's VERY sensitive!

Mango... Oh well, you know those labradorks, eh??? I do feel very sorry for any pup that has the itchies!

Janet, he has one...it's "lean on auntie and look cute and maybe she'll scratch my back!" She has a way of dashing right in front of me and stopping. He'll look up so pitiful, I usually scratch him!

the booker man said...

whoa! that is one close fur cut! i get the springtime itchies, too. mama gives me the zyrtecs and then i get sleepy. heehee.

the booker man