Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Advice for Mr. Trump

I can't say I was surprised that Donald Trump dropped out of the presidential race. He seemed to get off on the wrong foot right away and he lost the race before his name could ever appear on a ballot.  This is sad to me because I feel that someone with his business knowledge could make a great president under the right circumstances.

But Trump got hung up on things that don't whether or not Hawaii is part of these United States...instead of talking about something that does. It's the economy, stupid! If the whole birther mess didn't hang him, his ability to NOT laugh at himself at the White House Correspondent's Dinner certainly did.

Here's a clip of Seth Meyers ... check out Trump never cracking a smile

But the fact of the matter is... we are a vain and petty country. And unless Mr. Trump has a successful hair transplant before his next attempt at the presidency, he has about a snowball's chance in hell of getting elected.What's his hair got to do with it??? We always elect the guy with the better hair. Don't believe me???
Take a look:
Good Hair / Bad Hair

OK Hair / Better Hair (I think the eyebrows hurt Gore too)

Good Hair / Strange Hair

Good Hair / Excellent Hair

Again: Good Hair / Excellent Hair
Now I ask you, is this presidential hair???
I think not.Almost any man in America could out do this head.


rottrover said...

I'm confused. I thought it was all abut the food...??

Unknown said...

The "Top" plays an important role! BOL!!!

Girl Power Golf said...


the booker man said...

bwuahahaha. i think the donald needs to borrow my furminator.

the booker man