Monday, January 31, 2011

Momma's All Sickified!

Mabel Lou here! Oy! What a crazy coupla weeks we've had. Momma and I had our biggest fight in YEARS! She yelled at me and gave me a cold bath and didn't even dry me off! And then she left me outside by myself ALL day and into the night! I was getting scared I would have to sleep on the porch but she opened the door and said in her mean Momma voice, "Get in that bed, right now!"

I jumped in the big bed and there weren't even any bedtime cookies. She stayed mad at me for like forever until the next day. All I did was eat some chicken bones I found in the creek. Momma told me to drop them but Bart woulda got them so I took the bag out into the middle of the creek (Momma won't come in the water!) and I ate them there and then it was hot so I decided to take a mud bath and Momma was all yelling at me, "Noooooo!"

And then we had to leave and go home to that cold bath and whatever... I'm glad that's over!

Then Momma got a job and she's been gone a lot. She's working on one of those infomercials about some fancy machine. They sent one to her here in like a kajillion boxes and after she learned how to work it, she dumped it in the guest room and I can't get to my favorite daytime bed.. Harumph!

She spent the night away on her job and my auntie forgot to feed me! My mom happened to call my Auntie to check in on me at BEDTIME so... I got supper and put to bed. Harumph!

Momma had one day to work from home - not that it was good for me - she was all stressy pants! Then she was working all weekend and today, I finally get her back to myself... but Noooo! She's sick!

She took me to the creek but we barely walked around and she was all ready to come home. Harumph!

Hope she gets better soon! I don't like being her nurse!


Donna said...

Poor li'l Miss Mabel... We bet you will never disobey your momma again. Tell your mom we are very happy for her that she got a job and we are sorry she is sickies. Licks & sniffs... Asia, Kuai, O'fus, and Ming

rottrover said...


I ate chicken that I found at the creek and got VERY sick! And it lasted for a few days. I think Momma was just trying to watch out for you. I hope YOU don't get sick. Who'll take care of Momma??

Hope you both feel better soon.

-Bart von Weiller (not the OTHER Bart :-)

Anonymous said...

Poor Mabel. Things aren't going your way lately, are they? Let's hope Momma feels better soon and takes you for some cream!

Mango said...

Seems to me that mom has a case of mental fits. Not good. Next thing you know she will be running about in circles or biting her tail. Tell her that snuggling with good dogs is the cure.


the booker man said...

miss mabel lou,

good gravy, it totally sounds like thingies have been all stressified at your house lately!
i think chicken bones sound yummy delish, but my mama is givin' me the hairy eyeball, too, just for pawin' that!! so i guess your mama isn't the only one!
anywho, i think maybe your mama needs the extra lovins since she has the sickies, so just keep cuddlin' with her, and hopefully she will be back to 100% very soon like!

the booker man

Snowbrush said...

Poor Mama, I hope she's better soon, Mabel, dear.

K9friend said...

Sounds like everyone has had a stressful few days. Hope things calm down soon!


Deborah said...

Hope all gets better for you! Thanks for visiting today!