Sunday, January 16, 2011

Mango Minster 2011 - Good Old Gal Entry

This is Mabel Lou's entry in the Good Old Gal category of the Mango Minster 2011 Dog Show. I will post the rules for this category and leave it to Mabel to make a case for herself:


  1. Is your nickname "Bubba?"
  2. Is your favorite activity lounging about watching football or the home shopping network on the picture box?
  3. Are your beds placed strategically so as not to strain yourself actually walking should you feel a nap coming on?
  4. Do you fart and / or snore with great abandon?
  5. Do you drink beer and eat beef jerky?
  6. Are you an easy going, whatever, kind of guy or gal?
  7. Do your humans ever tell you, "You're just a good old boy (or girl)?" Duh.
Mabel Lou here. Thanks Mom!

I think I am THE BEST Good Old Gal - although, really Mango, do we have to discuss AGE???

1) No.. I'm a girl, silly! But my two most common nicknames are Lulu Belle and Miss Piss.
2) It's more like...just lounging in general. I also like looking cute cause that will make my mom come worship pet me.  
3) I'm certain I can win this thing on this point alone! See below for my demo!
4) Well, YES!
5) What do you think I got my mom to bribe me with for the photo shoot??? There's probably four or five kinds of jerky in my house at any moment!
6) Yep, sure am!
7) I get tired of listening to her babble on about what a good old girl I am! 

And now... for the bed demo. Let's just count my beds shall we? Let's start with the car:
My mom has blankies for  me in the jeep. She thinks they are there to collect the sand from the creek. I know better. 

#2 would be the big softie blankie in the car that I make her put down when we are out to breakie at my favorite restaurant:
I was a little miffed at her here because it was HOT. She's SUPPOSED to be trained to put the cool side out when it's hot... I swear these humans are so difficult to train!

That's TWO for out and about. While we're out and about, let's look around Mom's workshop. It's a mess! But I have several beds there... Let me explain how they work. This is my main shop bed (told you it was messy!) 
If you look closely, it's actually THREE BEDS! A nice air cooled frame with two more on top. I also have this one: 
See, I'm actually working in this shot. Mom was putting together some cabinets. She calls me her "stupervisor." I don't think that's a nice word... But back to me. I get mom to move the beds around to chase the sun and the shade while we are at the shop. One bed is near her torch so I can be close to her. One is in the sun and one in the shade and Mom moves them as the day progresses. And I have my elevated bed in the corner if I want more privacy. Pretty nice huh?

Back home, I have another elevated bed on the porch:
Getting tired yet? I am! I told you, I love to nap!!!

I love to be near a roaring fire. So, I have one bed right by the fireplace. Mom keeps threatening to toss this one cause it's old and icky on the inside. She talks. I ignore. Nothing happens. Oy! Humans! 
Sometimes, on a cold night, I will curl up here and wait for Mom to figure out we need fire. I love a fire because I often get toasted marshmallows!!! Yum!

I have another bed by the back door so I can keep an eye on all the critters we have under our deck and that nasty squirrel that teases me! 
But that's not all, I have a 3rd bed in the den! I can practically roll from one to the next! The third one is orthopedic and it's good to spy on Mom in the kitchen when she's making my meals. It's also perfect spot to let Mom know it's time to cuddle on the sofa:

Don't like the flashy beast! But if my eyes were open, you could see how well I use them to convince Mom it's cuddle time! 

I ALWAYS get my way:

Let's see how many beds is that? Two for out n about, four in the shop, the back porch, three in the den (not counting the sofa). That's 10...SO FAR!

I don't reserve cuddle time for just mom. I will cuddle with anyone on my sofa. Or sometimes, I'll just watch t.v. by myself: 

I have one down in the living room. I like to hang out there in the summer and when Mom is cooking cause I have a great view of the stove and sink from there. 

Then we move on down the hall to the smaller rooms. Number 12 would be in the guest bedroom. I like to hang out in here by myself while Mom is working on the computer. It's nice and bright in here...Southern Exposure...

... unlike Mom's dark cave of an office.  (I was really mad at the flashy beast here!) 
But I do like to hang out with her in there too, especially after the creek or before dinner! 

Then there is our bedroom. I do have a bed there too (Number 14!). When Mom is writing or looking for a job at night, I put myself to bed in there until she comes out and plays with me. 
But let's get real! That's not where I SLEEP! No, I sleep right next to my mom! 
Yes, I sleep on a queen - sized bed (appropriate, don't you think?) on my very own softie blanket in the winter. I don't require a soft fuzzy in the summer! I'm not that spoiled!

If we have company, I will even sleep with them:
I want them to feel welcome, you know! 

Mom also got me steps to get in and out of bed but I don't use them when she's in the room. I don't want to worry her. But I think she hears me use them getting out of bed in the morning...

Well, that's the tour of my forty seven eleven dozen beds. Don't you think that makes me the best good old gal around??? 


AFSocksScylla said...

You certainly have your Mom well trained, we need to work on ours.

♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥ said...

Absolutely, Mabel. We can't believe how many beds you have:) Great entry - lots of luck in MM.

Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

Jed and Abby in MerryLand said...

Wow! We are soooo impressed with your bed collection! You get like a gazillion extra points for that, being as how comfortable beds are one of the essentials for a happy dog life. Being new to your blog, we read a few of your more recent posts. Abby [L.B.E.] is most impressed with your legal skills! In her opinion, you should have been elevated to the judiciary for Mango Minster 2011. You should certainly be on the short list for next year. You are definitely a good ol' gal: much smarter than the casual observer thinks you are.

Jed & Abby, L.B.E. [Legal Beagle (mix) Extraordinaire]

Unknown said...

You are already a winner in my heart, Miss Lou!!!
I hope you will win and good luck in MM contest too.
By the way, I'm really amazed at your collection of beds! You are so lucky!!!

Duly Inspired said...

Now Cheyenne is jealous. Her outdoor bed, bed by the fireplance, bed in the kitchen and bed in the bedroom are apparetnly not enough!

Pat Wahler said...

You certainly appear to be qualified! Napping is definitely an art.


the booker man said...

ohmygoodness. miss mabel lou, do you offer online classes? cuz i totally need to learn how to work it like you do so i can have forty seven eleven dozen cushy beds!! you are a good ol' girlie for sures! good luck with MM!

the booker man

pee s -- thankies for votin' for my new header pic! don't worry, there will always be asa pics on my bloggie...i just thought since it is my bloggie it would be okie dokie for the header to be all me most of the time. heehee.

CreekHiker / HollysFolly said...

Mabel Lou sez: Thank ya'll for the good wishes!

Duly: You better get on that! Miss Chey deserves to be treated like the princess she is!

Booker: My momma has a weak spot for Asa! She knows it's your blog but she just sits here and sighs looking as Asa's pics!

Snowbrush said...

Mabel's holding out on us on question five, the one about the beer and the jerky.

Gloria said...

Got to be quick with this comment, or she'll find my fur and drool on the keyboard. Lucy, here. I only have 5 beds if you count the couch and Her bed, She almost bought me another one last week, but He told Her not to buy it as He thought I had enough! Hmmph! I like Her more than Him. But, He walks me more, so... But She gives me more snacks.