Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Vote for ME Peoples & Pups!!!

The time has come... I need some VOTES if I am to win my category in MangoMinster's amazing dog show. I am entered in the Good Ol' Gal category and would really appreciate your votes! My entry post is HERE.

See??? I'm even making sweet eyes at you! Now, go vote!!! Mabel Lou is the name and being a Good Ol' Gal is my game!

Thank you from the heart of my bottom!

Oh, Momma's still sickified... coughing, snorting and sputtering about. And she's talking about some job in Santa Monica which from the sound of things may as well be China! She's telling me I may not see the creek for a few weeks! A few weeks! OMD!!!  If I can't see my creek for that long, my only consolation will be making a name for myself in Mango's contest! Did you vote yet???


vonna said...

I voted! ;)

Priscilla said...

We're going over right away!

rottrover said...

On our way!!

Levi Mac said...

Voted today!!
Hope your mamma feels better soon!

Jan said...

I voted for Ms. Mabel. Hope she wins. I actually tried to cheat and vote twice but the dang thing wouldn't let me.