Sunday, August 19, 2007

Mabel's 8 Things Meme

Me, at the creek.

Hi there! Mabel Lou here. I got tagged by my Louisiana buddy, Butch. I must say, it's kinda hard to think of some things my mom hasn't blabbed told about me already... But here goes.

1) When I get lost while hiking with Mom, I run back to the car. If Mom's not there, I track her scent.

2) I love to pull tails to get others to chase me. It does not matter if you are a dog, a horse or a human. If I like you and want you to play, I will pull your tail.

3) Mom has a hundred nicknames for me. I know them all. I know what kind of mood she's in by which one she uses. Some of my names: Lucy, Lula, Lulu Belle, Mabel Babel, Baby Lou, May, Mabeline, Miss Piss, and The Stupervisor {That's Mom's nickname for most of her employers. Since she works from home most of the time, it's my name when I wander into the shop to try and get her to go to the creek NOW.)

4) My mom sings to me. I act like it hurts my ears... she's really not a good singer. But, secretly, I like the rhythm of her songs. She told me she makes up songs to teach her pups their names. My song goes like this:

Mabel, Mabel
Sleeps on my table,
Mabel Lou, I love you.
Mabel, Mabel
Oh, she's so able.
Mabel Lou, please be true.

When I was a puppy, pretending not to like my mom's voice, my tail would give me away on this one.... and the creek song.

And in case you're wondering -- I DID sleep on top of a glass table on our upper patio when Mom left me alone as a puppy. The raccoons were bigger than me and I was scared!

5) I wouldn't stay off my mom's fainting couch when I was a puppy. It would make her so mad. Now, she lets me cuddle with her (or my Granny - see below) on it.

6) I love the creek... no big news here. But, I don't really like to swim! In fact, I get very nervous when water touches my tummy. That's why you see me jumping in our logo photo above. That was a deep hole!

I like it when Mom's Godson sleeps over.

7) I get very flirty around men. I wiggle my butt and shimmy all over. Some of my favorite guys are Mom's Godson and his buddies and dad. We see them alot. I have a human uncle in Louisiana I adore too. But my favorite guy ever is Curt. He's married to one of my mom's friends. They live far away but when they come visit, he lays on the floor with me. I get so excited when I see him, I pee all over him!

8) I don't like carbs. Most canines will eat anything thrown at them. Not me. I wait for the good stuff. But there are exceptions to every rule. I will eat bread that has been touching hamburger or hot dog. In - n- Out Burger fries... but only when they are hot. And sweet potato fries. That's it. No other carbs allowed. I really don't get why my mom eats them.

Oh, I tag Kadi. It's not fair that Butch got to write about himself and poor Kadi didn't! Sorry Velvet! And Miss Kitty.


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Anonymous said...

This is too funny! Now our pets are blogging!?!? I'll have a talk with Miss Kitty and see what she says. You nut!

Anonymous said...

Mabel has a Mabel Belly photo like Ellie on Life at Star's Rest! It must be a girl thing...

CreekHiker / HollysFolly said...

Jackie, Can't wait! I can't believe Mabel tagged a CAT! It appears she's a bit nicer in blogland than real life!

Janet, Mabel mostly lies on her back when on the fainting couch. I think she likes cuddling that way.

Anonymous said...

Miss mabel you have a very clever mom for thinking up naming songs and *you* are very clever to know so many names! Happy cuddles - Carmon, Ellie, Vannie and Duffy

Linda@VS said...

Mabel, I find you quite attractive, and it's obvious you're smart, too. How do you feel about short, blind guys?

CreekHiker / HollysFolly said...

Why Butch! I've had a crush on you for ages! (Blush) I think you are adorable. How do you feel about tail bites... gentle ones...just to get your attention?

Annie said...

Hi Mabel Lou, what a pleasant one you are. I'd love to see you tug on your Mom's tail sometime.

Becky said...

Curt sure misses you Miss Mabel! I do too. I try not to be too jealous when I see how you flirt outrageously whenever you see him. He always requires more attention from me after a vist with you! I've gotta work on always being sooo excited whenever he walks into the door!

CreekHiker / HollysFolly said...

Becky, HOW can you NOT get excited at seeing Curt??? He's just the most wonderful guy ever! I'll bet if you are extra nice and wiggle your tail like I do, he would rub your tummy too!

I don't recommend the peeing though... I don't think he likes that.

Slurp. Your pal, Mabel Lou.

Duly Inspired said...

Oh goodness. Mabel, you are the cutest thing. No carbs and tail pulling. Unique pup you are!

CreekHiker / HollysFolly said...

Why thank you Miss Allison! I know I would love your Cheyenne. I like it when my mom reads to me about her.