Sunday, January 03, 2010

You Would Think...

You would think I may have gotten tons of stuff done since my return to my real life on Christmas night. You would think that:

  • I would have looked for a job...but you would be wrong...No one is in and my resume would be at the bottom of a huge pile when the HR types return to work.
  • I would have finally made some headway in switching my art studio over to a jewelry studio - or at least cleaned it enough to walk in there...but you would be wrong. It's still utter chaos. Which means my family room where I store my jewelry supplies is also still in chaos.
  • I would have spent days on end with my torch...but you would be wrong. While I have sketched and planned, my torch is covered in cobwebs.
  • I would have seen many films...but you would be wrong...I like movie theaters when there aren't too many people there. LA during the holidays = crowded theaters.
  • I would have spent many of our cool nights by the fire...but you would be wrong. I freaked when I realized that our crappy government has the authority to give me an expensive ticket for heating my own house as I see fit IF I do it on a poor air quality day. And unlike Northern California, our local government doesn't tell you exactly when a poor air day is.
So what have I done for the last nine blissful days? I have:
  • Slept
  • Hiked with the pup
  • Napped with the pup
  • Had on 99 Cent store shopping spree with the BFF
  • Cleaned out my fridge (only to investigate a hideous smell that HAD to go! (A FOUR year old brie had fallen behind my drawers and even though the fridge had been cleaned many times in the last four years, I never found that!)
That's it. It's funny how I always want time to whatever I want. I always think that means time to organize or torch. But apparently, it means doing nothing and doing that with Mabel.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you needed the do-nothing time! Hope you recharged your batteries. And I'm glad that you found the source of the smell.

rottrover said...

One would have thunk that I, too, would have used my recent time off to a) organize my home office -- that's a no; b) complete paperwork at county job -- that's a no as well. I did spend the glorious, clear, warm days taking each boy on a serious hike, chatting with neighbors and reading. ahhhh, cleansing breath! Happy New Year, girls!!

Twinkietinydog said...

Way to always own the blog My-Belle, one way or the other, you manage quite well!

Becky said...

What are you doing the 23th??? We fly in at 11:30 am.