Sunday, January 24, 2010

She Wants What She Wants

For anyone who's been following along on Facebook or Twitter...Mabel has been terribly sick and while she seems in good spirits, she's not eating. She gets excited when I'm preparing food but when I give her a bowl, she curls her nose and walks off. I'm really worried!

But, things are still fun and interesting around here. With all our rain, I haven't done laundry in ages and with a busy week at the Hobby Show, I HAD to do some washin'. And, as I have a Depression Era mom, I hang my laundry to dry. (Dryers are for heavy things like towels and blankets!)

Since I had so much laundry and our winter daylight doesn't hit my clothesline in the afternoon, I took advantage of the jeep:

Mabel Lou also took advantage of the jeep to make her wishes known:

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JanelDudleyBeads said...

You can read her mind by looking at that sweet face! She's ready to go! LOL glad she's feeling better!