Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Contentious Relationship

It may be hard to believe but Mabel and I actually have a somewhat contentious relationship. Yes, the dog and I don't always get along!

Like that distrustful, side-long look she always gives me when I take a photo of her - but always looks square on at the camera when her Auntie takes her picture, she knows how to get under my skin.

Last night, the BFF dropped off some of her fabulous ribs.... a dish I would normally share with Mabel. But, since her recent illness coincided with her bringing a strange rib bone home and puking, I decided to only give her meat. NO bones.

She was happy with the meat but kept looking at the plate of bones. So I got up and discarded them in the kitchen trashcan. As soon as I had gotten comfortable in the living room, building kits for my classes, Mabel started digging deep into her toy box. At the very bottom was a very sharp, pointy marrow bone, long-since licked clean.

She took it to her bed and proceeded to break off many nice long shards. When that didn't phase me, she started to eat them! I dug out the foil I had wrapped those rib bones in and negotiated a trade. Mabel was quite proud of herself!

After she ate a few bones (no tummy trouble either!), she started her usual schtick of wanting to be on the sofa with me. As I was counting tiny little crystals and knew I was going to get up and work on my taxes (thus losing MY spot on the sofa), I told her "no" repeatedly. Which turned into "NO!!!"

Hours later when I was done with my work, I sat on the sofa and patted her spot, indicating that she could join me. She got up from her bed -- and turned around to face the door!

I wonder if the Dog Whisperer offers couples counseling?


Twinkietinydog said...

Dear Creekhiker, I don't believe you need family therapy, I think you can take care of your issue in a cheaper manner: ribs!

rottrover said...

Those Rotti girls can be BITCHES!!

CreekHiker said...

Twink, yes, it's great to know that love can be bought for the price of a plate of ribs!

Rott, YES, they ARE!!

Duly Inspired said...

I LOVE her attitude. The two of you know each other well and are communicating. I think it's wonderful!