Tuesday, September 01, 2009

9/1 Station Fire Update

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Last night, the flames on Mt. Luken's were the biggest I've seen. As I stood on my porch watching, I had the realization that one windy gust and my entire beloved valley would be a pile of dust.

Mt. Luken's burning 8/31/09

Another angle Mt. Luken's burning 8/31/09

And a video... flames were around 50 feet high.

Every night, sleep comes in fits and jumps.... drifting off to be jarred awake by heroes in helicopters and low flying planes. Or the air conditioning - which I'm NOT accustomed to - waking me. Sometimes it's the sheer panic that sends me flying out of bed to look out the window or check the porch before I'm fully aware of being awake.

Charred Mt. Luken's 9/1/09

Today, the ash was the thickest...It literally looked like it was snowing. The sun couldn't be bothered to make an appearance until around 6 p.m. - the smoke and ash were just too thick. That made the overall temperature cooler but we have a hurricane coming up Baja which made the day as muggy as any I've ever spent in Louisiana.
Ash on Mabel's bed 6 a.m. 9/1/09

By late afternoon, having spent the day alternately trying to nap and burying my head under the covers, I could see thick smoke coming from the creek. Around six, the overall smoke had dissipated and it was cool enough to venture out. Mabel has only been for two short walks since all this started...she's as stir crazy as me!

We ventured down to the creek and found two fires burning above the end of the levy. We stayed well on the South side of the valley near some houses. Tons of folks were there along with a news crew shooting photos.
Two spot fires burning above the creek. The levee is barely visible below the left fire.

I shot some video hoping the chopper would put an end to it.

And... the two shall be as one.

And it just kept growing....

I was amazed to see some kids sitting on the levee, RIGHT BELOW THE FIRE! But the wind (that stuff they've been predicting for days but, Thank God has not shown up!) was so calm, I ventured down to the golf course with Mabel and another friend we know from the creek. As we walked parallel to the fire line, I was awestruck with just how big this particular blaze was!

We watched darkness fall as the flames approached that house.

One last shot of Mt. Luken's, shrouded in smoke. Only one tiny fire still burning on the south side.

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rottrover said...

glad you girls are ok. we're stir-crazy ourselves. wonderful photos. see you soon at the creek! we miss you!