Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Mabel and Little Blue Shoe

September has been a rough month... aside from what seems to be my only blog topic (fire), my car and my mouth have been giving me fits. Both combined have added about $3,100 to my debt.

Last weekend, the car was in the shop for several days. The part was ordered and, as my mostly wonderful mechanic is apt to do, work began around 4 on a Friday afternoon. It was quickly discovered that the wrong part was in the right box, leaving my car in a non-running condition. After two days of no creek and knowing I had an ISGB (bead) meeting in Orange county, this situation just wouldn't do.

I jumped on Priceline and made an offer of 15 bucks a day for an economy car...which, after all the charges charges, stupid taxes and really stupid taxes, came to around 22 bucks a day.
The BFF drove me into Burbank last Saturday to pick up what could only be described as a little blue shoe.

The car - a Chevy Aveo5 - was tiny...but it worked and got all my errands run. But Miss Mabel's opinion of said car was another matter entirely.

I laid down the rear seats to give her the most room...but she still filled the whole back of the car. Riding to the creek, I was terrified I would throw on brakes and send her flying out a window! Then, when we got there, the electric windows were so quiet, Mabel didn't hear them rolling up and I caught her head in it! I made my baby cry!

She was so anxious to get out. We ran into friends and hiked long and hard and when we got back to the little blue shoe, Mabel did not want to get in. It took 20 minutes of coaxing. Still, I drove by both the Hiking Buddy and BFF's houses to have them come look at how funny Mabel looked in that car!

The hike the next morning was no better. I opened the trunk and the rear doors thinking that giving her options would help. It did...she got in the trunk and ran out the side door. So much for options. I shut the doors and begged her to get into the trunk by shrieking in my over-excited Mommy voice, "We're going to the CREEEEEK!"

Once in the little blue shoe, she was not a happy camper so I got in the trunk with her. Now considering the skinny one of us took up the whole area, both of us in there was just comical. I writhed and twisted my body around having entered on my tummy, and finally worked myself upright. I showed Mabel the little step created by those folded rear seats. I thought she would love that with her greyhound heiny. (Her knee caps rub on her ribs and hurt when she sits. Mabel likes to sit with her hind legs extended somewhat.)

She did love that seat and was quite happy there. I jumped out and shut the trunk and hit my girl in the head with the rear sloping window!

We made it to the creek and I hiked her deep into the valley, almost to the freeway. My hope was that she would be so tired when we got back to the little blue shoe, she would jump right in. She did not. When she looked up and saw that car, the look on her face was the human equivelent of "You must be kidding!"

We eventually made it home. I had screwed up and left my wallet at home and then I realized I had to make a few phone calls. Getting her back in the little blue shoe was yet another ordeal that was only overcome by promises that Mabel's favorite waitress was on duty and that she would be most handsomely rewarded for this ride.

I made it half way up the mountain when I realized Mabel was leaning on the passenger headrest for stability. I pulled over, moved the passenger seat as far forward as it would go and then reclined it backwards. But no amount of coaxing would get her to to sit on it. We made it around the corner when I decided to break my doggie rule of no dogs in the front seat. I had to beg but she finally jumped up front and sat on that reclining passenger seat. And then I had to hit the breaks and realized her nose was hitting the front window! Oh! My poor baby!

Breakfast was worthwhile...the girl scored BIG TIME! All the while, I kept reminding her that this wonderful meal was all because of her bravely riding in the little blue shoe. Getting back in the car, Mabel refused to get into the front and in true Mabel Lou fashion, finally sat on the headrest of the passenger seat, working it out on her own. It only took us two days to figure it out.

Still, on the way home, people pointed and laughed at us all the way down the mountain. Bessie the jeep returned home on Monday to kisses and happy dances. And after reading this, I pray those animal rights folks aren't going to arrest me for animal abuse!

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Anonymous said...

oh, my goodness, poor Mabel! and poor Holly, you had to use all your imagination and powers of persuasion. The makers of "green" autos don't take into account those of us with dogs.