Saturday, September 26, 2009

Just the Numbers

I swore I was done with fire posts... Just yesterday, I was discussing with friends how the fire just sucked ten days from our lives this month. When it was in our backyards, there was nothing we could do but stay in away from the smoke, call and check on each other, watch the constant news coverage and stare out our doors at the fire.

And even though the fire moved deeper into the's STILL not out! 98% and counting. It started one month ago by the calender date but it's technically 4 weeks and 3 days. I've learned more about our local mountains, the terrain, the fuels, the people and equipment used in fire fighting than I ever wanted to know.

Reading on the Inciweb site tonight, the raw numbers astounded me:

Fire Name: Station

Geographic Location: Hwy. 2 North of La Canada - Flintridge, CA

Acres Burned: 160,577

Start Date: August 26, 2009

Time: 3:20 p.m.

Percent Contained: 98

Estimated Containment Date: Unknown

Cause: Arson

Injuries: 22

Structures Threatened: 0

Commercial Bldgs. Threatened: 0

Residences Destroyed: 89

Residences Damaged: 13

Commercial Prop. Destroyed: 26

Commercial Property Damaged: 22

Outbuildings/Other Destroyed: 94

Outbuildings/Other Damaged: 22

RESOURCES [currently being utilized. During the worst of the fire, there were over 2,000 personnel]

Approximate Personnel Assigned: 614

Helicopters: 5

Air Tankers: 0

Engines: 22

Hand Crews: 12

Dozers: 25

Cost to Date: $89,923,086

Of course, the highest cost is not on this list...the lives of the two firefighters that were lost early on in the fight.


Snowbrush said...

And it was set.

We've been getting smoke and ash from two fires sixty miles from here, but it rained yesterday, and the wind shifted, so I haven't heard the latest.

Anonymous said...

I hope it rains there soon!