Sunday, September 13, 2009

Station Fire Aftermath Photos

The Station Fire is still burning deep in the forest but is 87% contained as of this writing. We still smell smoke on the wind and I'm afraid we will until our rains show up sometime in November.

Here's a few photos of the aftermath.

Our mountains look naked. It's really eerie driving along the 210 where you can compare what the mountains should look like on the south side with the burnt ones on the north.
All around here, you can see where the fire burned up to backyards but the homes are fine. My breakfast joint was buzzing with tales of the fire trucks pulling up, the firemen dragging hoses to the back and standing their ground.

It's not unusual to see Hot shot or Coal Chaser crews in the local mountains even though there hasn't been an active fire on this side of the forest in close to a week. You can see the top of a fire truck on the mountain road above the houses in this next photo.

Lots of animals have come down out of the forest looking for food. I was taking a photo of the backyard of this home when I noticed the deer in the front, eating. Notice his behind has some burns.
I found a man in Seven Hills installing sprinklers on his roof. His home was several blocks from the fire which is very close, but I think I find this funny because...there's very little left to burn. The sprinklers were painted match his house.

The last flare up I've seen on Mt. Lukens, taken from my back porch.

We later learned this was a controlled burn.

I still have photos from Alpine Village and other cool shots I'll get up later in the week.

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Snowbrush said...

I know you'll be glad when the smell of smoke is finally gone. I hate it myself...I'm sorry about the fire--and the lives that were destroyed, or harmed, or disrupted.