Monday, August 31, 2009

Station Fire - Day 55

...Or so it feels like it. I was re-reading my first post and realized ... I LOST a day! I guess when you're shut in, they all blend together.

I actually ran away today. I simply needed to be outside and breathe. And since an old high school friend was working in Orange County, I spent the day down there...after devising an evacuation plan for Mabel. I ran some errands - business stuff - and mostly drove up and down the coast highway with the windows down in the car.

The smoke was thick well into Anaheim, which was shocking. I first thought it would end over Glendale or downtown. I certainly thought Disney paid extra to keep it at the L.A. county line (just kidding) but it was pretty thick.

I checked in with the Hiking Buddy on the way home and was shocked to learn she'd spent the early evening on my porch... Mt. Luken's was burning again....worse than ever! It was a terrifying drive home. I could see the flames and the ominous orange glow south of downtown.

Town is lined with people on the hillside that's not burning looking at the one that is. Luken's looks like they dumped gasoline instead of phos-chek!

I took a few photos but my headache is back and I didn't realize how stressful all this was until I was driving home and my neck started stiffening. But I'll get them up tomorrow.

For those of you following such things...predicted containment date has jumped from September fourth, to the eighth and is now...the fifteenth! Basically, check back sometime next month and see if Sunland is still here!

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Words Between the Spaces said...

That really blows. Sorry to hear it's so stressful. My thoughts are with you and Mabel.