Thursday, April 16, 2009

Man On the Moon... Clothing Labels

I'm starting a new category call Man on the Moon, as in "They can put a man on the moon, but..."

They can put a man on the moon but they can't create labels for my clothing that don't drive me insane because they are so dang HARD. They irritate my skin and I'm constantly trying to rip them out.

It's no wonder that one of my little nephew's first words was "Tag!"

He would toddle about, reaching behind his neck at the offending tag. He would keep repeating that word, more and more frenetic each time. "Tag! Tag!!! TAG!!!"

Finally, one of us would take pity on him and cut out the offending appendage from his shirt and he would return to being the happy little boy.

As I find myself reaching back behind my own neck, frustrated at the constant scratching, I think of that boy and how I'm certainly not that cute in my own anger at that stupid label.

I have actually ripped clothing from own back to get that label out. And I swear, if I could meet a famous clothing designer, that would be my first question - Why to labels have to hurt?

Hane's no label tees are a Godsend in my book. I just wish other manufacturer's would figure it out.


Anonymous said...

I'm with you...I cut the labels out before I wear almost anything. Carmon

Cheryl Ann said...

Me, too! I HATE those silly tags! And, yes, they ITCH! I just cut them off.

Anonymous said...

I've always cut labels out of clothes before I wear them. I like how some clothing manufacturers print the label on the back of the shirt instead of using a tag. But occasionally the printed "label" will itch, too.

Here's my contribution to your category: They can put a man on the moon but they can't come up with a road surface that doesn't develop potholes within weeks.

Sylvie said...

Target and Old Navy have figured it out!!!

(but Old Navy has UN-figured it out by making their security tags these big sewn-in things that cause you, if you forget to cut them out, to beep as you go INTO Barnes and Noble and the Post Office... beep again when going out, causing the whole quiet store to turn around and look at you. I've learned that if I beep going in, I should stop at the customer service counter and ask for a pair of scissors!)

clothing labels said...

Good news for you, many clothing companies are now adapting the iron on labels which is printed on the actual shirt. No need to worry about uncomfortable label tags.